Dracula Untold Movie Review: This Vampire Doesn't Suck


By Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)—Dracula is one of the most storied tales in modern fiction and history. A staple in horror films, with many new takes done on the lord of the vampires, Dracula Untold aims to shed light on the man before the bloodsucker. Is this a film you should take a bite out of, or should it have never seen the light of day?

Dracula Untold is the story of the man who becomes Dracula; Vlad (Luke Evans), a man raised in slavery and rose to become a ruthless leader of his people. But when the leader of the Turks (Dominic Cooper) plans to invade Vlad’s lands and take all the male children for his army, Vlad must make a deal with an unknown demon to gain the power he needs to save his people; but at what cost?

Evans does this new heroic Vlad justice as he is the hardened leader needed for such a violent battle. Going from a ruthless leader to something far more sinister is a transition to behold. The powers of this new Dracula puts a spin on the classic powers we all know and love.

Does a heroic Dracula work? I have to say, it really does. Evans makes a mark in the Hollywood history of Dracula, and I honestly would love to revisit this version of the dark lord. Perfect for the Halloween season, make sure go out and see Dracula Untold, that is if violence doesn’t make you squeamish.

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