Eisner Nom Takes the Stage with Phobos on Macroverse

Eisner Nom Takes the Stage with Phobos on Macroverse

By Staff Reports

Macroverse is proud to announce the release Phobos, the beautiful atmospheric tale of horror and nostalgia from 2019 Best Web Comic Eisner-nominated creator, Jason Brubaker (reMIND, Sithrah)! Think ambiance and vast gray landscapes of PlayDead’s Inside or Limbo, with the lighthearted humor of The Addams Family

Knocked unconscious 700 years ago, the vampire Phobos is stuck at the bottom of his toxic mote in mid-transformation between bat and human. Upon waking, Phobos learns his castle has been taken over by a mad scientist and a patchwork Frankenstein, along with a mysterious but beautiful new assistant, Eninac, who nurses him back to health. Once they learn who Phobos really is and the power he possesses, they wish they never saved him in the first place.

Macroverse stands apart from other digital comics platforms not only because of its highly curated comics, but also its TapStory format. TapStory holds steadfast to comics as an art form, not constrained by a physical page or endless scroll, by creating a more “cinematic experience” as a key part of the storytelling. This format is the first of its kind, a true re-imagining of the comics medium that’s sure to capture the imagination of the next generation of comics creators and readers alike.

“As a long time fan of Hayao Miyazaki, I was instantly drawn to Jason’s work on Sithra and reMIND, and Phobos is the next evolution of his storytelling,” said Macroverse Co-Founder, Adam Martin. “We have always felt that Macroverse provides an almost cinematic experience for readers, so getting to bring Jason’s incredible art and characters onto the platform again for this brand new story is incredibly rewarding.”

“Jason Brubaker has been (and continues to be) one of my favorite creators. His art and storytelling employs masterful use of genre and tone,” said Macroverse Co-Founder, Eben Matthews. “Our collaboration on reMIND was recognized with an Eisner Nomination, and now, working together on Phobos, we’ve expanded that partnership where we are crafting the Macroverse series while he’s drawing it, creating a seamless experience on the app which is really exciting to see as such fantastic work comes to life.”

“I have been looking for a digital home for Phobos for the last five years, but was never satisfied with any reading experience online until Macroverse showed up! Phobos and I are proud to call Macroverse our new digital home,” said Jason Brubaker. “In my experience flipping a book’s page has always been the most enjoyable reading experience. I’ve hosted webcomics and used infinite canvases, but with Macroverse, reading a comic still has that ‘page turn’ feel but with even more dimension. You’re almost able to see between the panels now. It’s one step closer to an actual movie without sacrificing the comic reading experience.”

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