Eric Powell's 'The Goon: Once Upon a Hard Time' Celebrates 15 Years of The Goon


By Staff Reports

Created by Eisner Award winner Eric Powell (Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities, Chimichanga), The Goon is set to take 2015 by storm!

Once upon a Hard Time is a climactic miniseries that has major consequences for the Goon and his supporting cast. If you’re a Goon fan, you can’t miss this.

After the tragic events of Occasion of Revenge, the witch coven believes that control of the unnamed town will soon be in their grasp and the Goon’s tragic soul will contribute to the curse that increases their power. But has their plot destroyed the Goon or created a monster too savage for them to withstand?

The Goon: Once upon a Hard Time #1 is on sale February 4, 2015, from Dark Horse Comics. Preorder your copy today!

Also Available:

The Goon Volume 14: Occasion of Revenge Book 1

The Goon: For Want of Whiskey and Blood

Praise for Eric Powell’s The Goon:

“Powell’s story is sweet when it needs to be, warm and touching when it wants to be, and brutal and gruesome when it has to be.”—Bloody Disgusting

“There is no match for this comic in look or content.”—Comic Bastards

“There aren’t many characters like the Goon in comics and there aren’t many creators as unique and enjoyable as Eric Powell.”—IGN

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