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Fable Legends Multiplayer BETA Begins Soon!!!


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For all of you Fable fans out there, you know that we’ve been waiting for Fable Legends since its announcement back in August 2013! And when we found out that it was going to feature Fables first multiplayer 4v1 setup we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it! Who could resist the opportunity for you and four of your friends to play together where one person is the Villain, setting traps for the other four, Hero characters? Not only that but this is going to be a real closed beta test. Lionhead Studios wants the participants to not only help identifying bugs, crashes and glitches but to submit input on ideas, feedback and any suggestions you might have!

14342-434fc475_680_400Well if you haven’t signed up to participate in the Beta, its not too late! Just shoot over to now to sign up! Once you submit your email address you will the receive an email prompting you to complete the Beta registration! This closed, multiplayer beta begins October 16. The first test group will be selected today by email. Future waves of invites will be sent out regularly, following that, all the way into 2015! Don’t worry about not being included in the first wave as Lionhead Studios has recently tweeted “don’t worry if you do not get into this wave, there will be plenty of others!” Ultimately they “hope to have a significant portion of registrants in game before they leave Closed Beta.” as announced on their website!


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