First Look into ‘Batman—One Bad Day: The Riddler’

First Look into ‘Batman—One Bad Day: The Riddler’

By Staff Reports

In DC’s Batman—One Bad Day line of original graphic novels, comics’ top talents will tell all-new tales of the Dark Knight’s worst enemies in their best stories yet, in eight standalone, 64-page Prestige format one-shots! It all starts in August with Batman—One Bad Day: The Riddler, from the Eisner Award-winning team of writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads, diving deep into the mind of Batman’s most intellectual foe! Scroll down for a look inside the issue!

The Riddler has killed a man in broad daylight for seemingly no reason, but…there’s always a reason. The Riddler is always playing a game, there are always rules. Batman will reach his wits’ end trying to figure out the Riddler’s true motivation in this epic psychological thriller; this new 64-page OGN is not to be missed!

“This is exactly everything I’ve ever wanted to do, since I knew I could ever touch these characters,” Gerads recently told Popverse. “I went back to the roots of everyone involved, of Riddler, Batman, Gordon, everyone that I wanted to use in the book.

Check out some early pages from Batman—One Bad Day: The Riddler before it hits shelves on August 16!

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