Ghostbusters: Answer the Call #2 Review: The Roots of All Fear!

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call #2 Review: The Roots of All Fear!

By Daniel Schwartz

I ain’t afraid of no ghost! What if that ghost could recreate your deepest, darkest fear?

Issue Number 2 picks up right where the fist issue left off. The giant Dr. Kruger ghost has just terrified the entire city of New York by taking over the Empire State Building.

When the Ghostbusters arrive and think they have the upper hand, Dr. Kruger puts a “whammy” on the team. Trapped in the worst fears in their own minds, the team must find a way to wake up and save the city before it is too late.

This exciting new series from IDW follows the adventures of a more seasoned version of the Ghostbusters team that appeared in the recent reboot film.

Fandom was split by the reboot and the movie had to deal with some harsh criticism. While the film did have some issues, it was much better than many people gave it credit for. IDW saw that and gave them their own new series. IDW has an amazing reputation for taking known properties and telling incredible stories with them.

Writer Kelly Thompson was given control of the new Ghostbusters team and created a very enjoyable story. Thompson stays true to the characters from the movie, including everyone’s favorite, Holtzmann. The overall fun tone of the series makes this a very entertaining read.

The art is also spot-on. The characters are drawn very well. Corin Howell also gives the villain has a truly terrifying look as he envelops the iconic Empire State Building.

Rating: 9 out of 10. This is a fun new series that is definitely worth a read.

Publisher: IDW
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Corin Howell