Godzilla Vs Mighy Morphin Power Rangers II #1 Review

Godzilla Vs Mighy Morphin Power Rangers II #1 Review

By Daniel Schwartz


In the years since DC and Marvel have introduced their multi-verses, several other franchises have also delved into several wild and wacky ‘What If’ scenarios that are officially canon. The Power Rangers have also developed and traveled their multiverse with doppelgangers and variants galore. Some of their best villains have come from the heroes’ evil versions. Something I never thought would be in the Power Ranger multiverse was Godzilla. With the giant fighting robots, a giant irradiated lizard makes sense, but it is fantastic to see these 2 IPs battle in this version of the multiverse, not only for the first time but a second time!


Rita Repulsa is on the warpath again. She is nothing if not determined to conquer Earth, even when she is thwarted at every turn. This time, she has turned back to the multiverse and back to a creature she has encountered before, Godzilla. While the King of the Monsters led to her downfall previously, this time, she plans to use him as a weapon to take down the troublesome teenage rangers and take over their planet. As the White Ranger, Tommy seems to be the only Ranger aware of her plans. When he travels the multiverse looking for help, he finds another Ranger Team with him as the Green Ranger, ready to step in and help. Will this younger, less-experienced Ranger Team be able to take down Rita and her dangerous new ally? 


From start to finish, this is just a fun issue. When you are looking to read Power Rangers versus Godzilla 2, you are looking for action, fun, and adventure. This issue has all three. I am a fan of the Power Ranger multiverse, so seeing more team variants that can potentially take on Rita and the giant angry lizard is fantastic. It is also excellent to see Sabra (Tommy’s sentient dragon dagger) play a role as Tommy’s sidekick throughout the first issue. Cullen Bunn does a fantastic job of setting up this multi-part story to show Tommy and his new team getting set up, along with showing Rita using Godzilla for her evil purposes and knowing that there is not much that can stop the King of the Monsters. This is an excellent setup for what looks to be an entertaining and wild adventure featuring Godzilla and a new evil team of Psycho Rangers as well. 


I was unfamiliar with Baldemar Rivas’ work previously, but I am becoming a fan. Tommy looks excellent as the White Ranger, and Godzilla looks like he is a serious and terrifying threat. Not only does he nail the look of the original Power Rangers team, but he also manages to make the Psycho Rangers look menacing. I will be looking to see what projects he is working on next. 


This is the start of something cool. This is the first of a 5-issue miniseries, and it sets up the story perfectly. It is hard to believe that Rita can be stopped with Godzilla in her corner, and I am looking forward to seeing how all of this plays out and how or if the Rangers manage to save the day. 

Rating 4 out of 5 Pastrami Nations.

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