Gravediggers Union #3 Review- Excellent Storytelling

Gravediggers Union #3 Review- Excellent Storytelling

By Jesse Ramirez

Contributing Guest Reviewer

The Gravediggers series continues to deliver with another well balanced and entertaining issue! It’s definitely an intriguing and exciting new offer from Image Comics.

The beginning of Issue #3 delves into what has made the series so great thus far, a blend of fantastical elements and real world issues. This issue delves into the idea of nature firing back at man for their destruction and harsh treatment of the Earth, which is an amazing concept, and one that’s executed perfectly by Craig and company. As far as storytelling, there’s plenty of progression and excitement from start to finish. The gravediggers continue their mission, but encounter some twists and turns along the way, making for some epic panels that are complemented by art that seems to go beyond the page, entrenching readers further into the madness of the gravediggers universe.

What makes the Gravediggers series work is the gritty and raw storytelling, as well as the concepts and storylines explored throughout. The action is beginning to rise at a steady pace, and it serves as yet another exciting entry; can’t wait for the next!

Rating: 9.0 out of 10