Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Sneak Peek Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Sneak Peek Trailer

guardians of-thegalaxy-vol-2-movie-posterGuardians of the Galaxy 2 Brings Back Our Unlikely Heroes and Awesome Music

By Nolan P. Smith

“Do you need a hug?”

Marvel’s biggest gamble in the cinematic universe returns with a sequel on May 5th as the Guardians of the Galaxy return. The sneak peek doesn’t show us a lot, but what we do see?

The gangs back together, including a baby Groot. Plus, new additions to the rag tag group of “heroes” looks to include Yondu and Nebula, who both return from the original flick. I know it’s just a sneak peak, but this gets my hyped for it. When Marvel first revealed the trailer for the original film, I was one of the few saying “just give it a chance, this is going to be awesome.” Lo and behold, it was awesome!

So get your Walkman ready and get ready for a dance off this May. Check out the sneak peek below: