Help Kickstart the Axe Cop Documentary!


Axe Cop!

One of the most original comic books in recent memory has to be Axe Cop. The Dark Horse Comic’s series was created by artist Ethan Nicolle and his then 5 year old brother Malachai back in 2009…and it has been a runaway success ever since. Set to be a FOX animated project in the summer of 2013, the popularity of Axe Cop has never been bigger…perfect time for a documentary, right?

Check out the Kickstarter project to make the documentary a reality at:

For those that are saying “Another Kickstarter Project? Everyone’s doing that!”… why not? It’s a way to see who wants to support a project by providing a real time snap shot of what fans want. Personally, I think its a great idea, and I hope they reach their goal! Axe Cop is an amazing book, pure imagination and worth the support and success they get.

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      Thanks for the words of support Pastrami Nation! Yeah, we too wish we didn’t have to turn to Kickstarter, but since no one on our doc team is a trust fund baby we have to resort to it. Thanks again!

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