Horizon #1 Review: A New Invasion

Horizon #1 Review: A New Invasion

Horizon 01_cvrImage Comics Latest Series Horizon is Out of This World… Or Rather In It

By Nolan P. Smith

With Image Comics/Skybound’s promoting of their new series Horizon, we heard that this will be a new take on the alien invasion story. After reading the first issue, I can absolutely say that this is a very different, and very entertaining, take on it.

Written by Brandon Thomas (who created the excellent The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury) and with art by Juan Gedeon (Ghost Racers) and Frank Martin (East of West), Horizon starts off with a bang as an alien being crash lands on Earth. Zhia Malen is a stranger in a strange land, which is illustrated beautifully here, as the text is all gibberish until she fixes her translation device. But why is she here? To stop an invasion.

That’s different, right?

Zhia has come to Earth to stop humanity’s invasion of her home planet, which, when you think about it, isn’t very far-fetched. With this issue, we see Zhia adapt to this world, as well as start to make her motives known, but not in their entirety. This is a series, not a one shot, so we get just enough to peak our interest and then, sadly, we must wait for next month. Thomas crafts an excellent start to what appears to be a very interesting and eye-opening series. The art team of Gedeon, Martin, and of course, all-star letter Rus Wooten, make this book stand out immensely. The book feels different, reads different, and by all accounts, is different from your average sci-fi fare. Which is awesome, as Horizon is anything but average.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

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