How You Can Help Peter David During This Impossible Time


Want to help? Here’s how.

Kathleen David, wife of famed comic book writer and author Peter David, posted the message below, which offers an update on Peter and ways to help during this difficult time. For those that don’t know, Peter suffered a stroke while on vacation with his family on December 29th. While recovering, the medical costs are continuing to rise, which is where we can all help. Check out the message below, and make sure to check Peter’s website for updates on his condition ( Our prayers go out to the David family and we pray for a speedy recovery. If you could share this post, or David’s website link, it would be a huge help. Thanks in advance!

Peter David, writer of stuff and host of this site, suffered a stroke on December 29. Here’s how you can help.

To recap: Peter had a stroke while vacationing with his family in Florida. He’s currently recuperating in a facility in Jacksonville until he’s well enough to travel home. Even though Peter has health insurance, there are co-pays and the like, and since this stroke fell at the end of the year, there are all new co-pays to deal with, and there are things that the insurance company just won’t cover. So we are at the beginning of what is going to be a very expensive year.

Many people have asked how you can help. First: THANK YOU. Here’s how.

The most direct way is to buy his e-books from Crazy 8 Press (via ComicMix) or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites. These are books that he gets the money from directly and the most per book. The quickest and most money is buying the EPub versions from ComicMix, by the way. The more we sell of these books, the easier it will be for us to pay the bills as they start to pour in. All the books are in the sidebar.

Buying his other books does help– especially the Marvel graphic novels he has written. The Crazy 8 books are the most immediate help but all his writings do help the family and the family’s ability to pay bills. If you buy via Amazon, please use this link, which will bring in even more funds.

Buy X-Factor. Put it on your pull list at your local comic book store. Encourage others to do the same. Peter is still writing it and will continue to write it. Issue 250 ships on Jan 15th, 2012 (today) and is a great jumping on point for both X-factor and something Peter has been working on in the Marvel Universe since his Hulk days.

If you’d like to donate directly, we’re working with the Hero Initiative to accept donations. All your donations made through this button will be earmarked to help Peter out, and are tax-deductible.

And of course, you can still help us a lot by getting word out all over the Internet about how they can help Peter. We are asking every blogger and people who have access to an audience to spread the word. Feel free to use the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post.

We’ll continue to post on Peter’s progress on the weblog, so come back often or subscribe. We’re also working with Crazy 8 Press on speeding up the process of making Peter’s backlist available for sale, check back as we add more items that have been long out of print.

There will also be some auction announcements which will be added to this post closer to the time that they are ready to go.

Peter and I really appreciate the support and help that you all have been. We have talked a number of times about how this outpouring of admiration and appreciation has given us solace in some pretty dark times.

I am asking again to help us get the word out so I can help Peter get home and back to his new normal life whatever that might be.

Thank you all,


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