Huck #1 Review- What Makes a Man Super?

Huck #1 Review- What Makes a Man Super?

Huck01_CvrBy Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)– Mark Millar is the man who brought us Kick-Ass and the Secret Service, both which translated masterfully into ultra violent films. Millar is known for his excellent yet bloody books, so when I heard about Huck, I was intrigued. Millar’s last book, Chrononauts, was amazing, and the premise of Huck made this a day one purchase. But a feel good story about a hero no one would suspect? It sounded very different from what Millar has done in the past.

It is different, and it’s amazing.

Huck is a little slow, but this does not define him. His actions, and his heart, do. Working at the local gas station in a small town, Huck has a secret- he has powers. Amazing powers that he uses to brighten up the days of those around him- from retrieving lost items to saving lives-he has a simple but fulfilling outlook in life. But if someone were to find out about his powers and turn this local hero into a media blitz, what would Huck’s life look like then?

Millar crafts an amazing start to what I hope is a great series. Anyone can do good in this world, anyone can make a difference. There is no one mold to define a hero- and Millar makes that clear with Huck. This is a feel good, heart felt book- one that artist Rafael Albuquerque brings to the sequential art page masterfully. The humble, quietness of Huck and the town he lives in, the down home feeling of the other residents, the hues used to brighten the page- they all shine tremendously, giving an insightful visual presence to Millar’s latest series.

Once I reached the end, I couldn’t wait to read more. Millar and Albuquerque have created something great here, something I feel anyone can pick up, read and thoroughly enjoy. From kids to adults, this is a book all can and should enjoy. Millar has not let me down yet, and as Huck has already been optioned for a film before the first issue even hit, I can’t wait to read more and eventually see this story on the silver screen.

Rating: 5 out of 5. If you enjoy the art form of comic books in the slightest, then you need to read this book. If you have never read a comic book- this is your starting point. You’re welcome.

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