Ice Cream Man #1 Review

Ice Cream Man #1 Review

By Amie Macias

I scream you scream we all scream for the Ice Cream Man! – Image Comic’s newest release. I love ice cream, and I love horror put them together and ice cream for more (I scream for more) – you see what I did there?  But who doesn’t love ice-cream? Add a murderess spider along with a mysterious cat sucking creature on the loose, in the woods and you get exactly the kind of awesome, you really just can’t get enough of.

I may have even found a new favorite writer in W. Maxwell Prince (One Week in the Library, Electric Sublime). In a way of what I can only call genius he took the seemingly innocent symbol of childhood that brought smiles and joy to the sugar craving masses of children and spun him into something dark, dangerous, and disturbing – it’s brilliant! And to quote the book, “Lickety split, fast as fast can be” – I now have a new favorite bad guy to fear. I can’t wait for more flavors – flavors of suffering, that is!

And can I just add that I love the request to connect with the audience?! “What’s your favorite flavor?” Mr. Prince, in case you’re reading this, my favorite flavor is the Americone Dream by Ben & Jerry.

The artwork throughout the book, done by artist, Martin Morazzo (Absolute Magnitude, Cyan, Nighthawk) does a marvelous job at soothing you into a false sense of security before dropping the hammer. You then pair it up with Chris O’Halloran’s (Star Wars, Magnus, Centipede) color work, and the reader doesn’t stand a chance. You’re sucked in from the first pages and hooked until the very end.

This comic is delightfully dark and pleasantly morbid, and reminded me a bit of the classic horror movie, Creepshow.  Oh, I can only hope this ends up as a cult classic horror flick, taste well! If you haven’t read it already be sure to pick it and the next issue up!

Rating: I give it a creepy but must read 10 out of 10