In the Squared Circle: Pastrami Nation's Super 6 WWE Superstars to Watch

It’s a good time to be a WWE fan. A burst of talent has emerged in the past few years in the WWE’s squared circle, and now is the time for them to shine the brightest. Pastrami Nation has compiled our Super 6 WWE superstars to watch, as we know they are going to be a household name in no time. So, let’s get it kicked off with number 6!

Number 6- RybackImage

Listen to the man: feed him more! Now, yes, we have all heard the Goldberg chants, but really, take notice of Ryback. I thought the man was impressive in his Nexus days as Skip Sheffield, but as Ryback he has found his niche: big, indestructible, unstoppable monster. The WWE has always been known for their big men, and Vince loves having the muscle bound variety of wrestler in his organization. Ryback fits that need, and look for him to only get bigger as the months go by.

Number 5- Antonio Cesaro


This weekend’s Summer Slam shows that Cesaro is on a roll. Sure, he won the United States title in a YouTube pre-show, but Cesaro was the talk of the show. The man looks like a threat, and the hype behind him before he debuted on the main roster was huge. His demeanor, his ferocity, Swiss Death: Cesaro will go far in the business. Plus, having Aksana in your corner can’t hurt either.

Number 4- Damien Sandow


You’re welcome. Damien Sandow is a throwback to the old, gimmick rich WWE/WWF that many of us grew up watching. He is that character you love to hate, yet root for to win. So cocky and prestige when he comes out, and then the mood changes completely when the bell rings. Sandow explodes with aggressiveness, and he executes his moves perfectly. Not to mention his mic skills, which so many lack. Sandow is gold on the mic, and trust us, he will be a champion much sooner than later.

Number 3- Cody Rhodes


This man deserves the heavyweight title, no question. In my mind, he has already surpassed anything his father, Dusty Rhodes, or his brother Goldust have ever achieved in the world of pro wrestling. Going it as a solo heel was the best thing he could have ever done, and his success shows it. His dark, “disfigured” gimmick won me over instantly, and he has skyrocketed ever since. Look for him to get a title run soon, he deserves it.

Number 2- Wade Barrett


The bare knuckle brawler is back. Barrett’s promos have been running for weeks now, touting his return and honestly, I can’t wait. Barrett impressed me since his first day in NXT, and hasn’t failed to deliver since. A tough as nails, knock your teeth in fighter, Barrett has the in-ring ability and the mic skills to go big in the WWE. I am very happy with the push of the promos for his return, as they are marketing him perfectly: this is a man you don’t want to piss off.

Number 1- Dolph Ziggler


This should be a surprise to no one. He’s here to show the world, and he has a million times over. I wasn’t a fan of Ziggler when he was a part of the Spirit Squad, the single reason that made me stop watching the WWE for a brief time. But since he has returned as Dolph, I have had a feeling that he was going to be big. It was when he began to choke out his opponents a few years back that I knew this man was destined for greatness. He can make anyone look good in the ring, as he sells his moves as well as he can execute them. Call him the second coming of Mr. Perfect, call him the next big thing, or in the very near future, simply call him the champion.

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