Iron Fist #1 Review: Finding Purpose

Iron Fist #1 Review: Finding Purpose

Iron FistMarvel’s latest Iron Fist series is dark, gritty and amazing

By Nolan P. Smith

Iron Fist has went through quite a few series in the last decade or so. From fighting the other immortal weapons to teaming up in zany adventures with his long time partner, Luke Cage, Danny Rand is a legitimate mainstay in the Marvel Universe. With this new series, we see a lost, shell of an Iron Fist, searching for a way to get his powers back.

Written by Ed Brisson (Captain Canuck) with art by Mike Perkins (Carnage) and colorist Andy Troy, this is a very big departure from the current Iron Fist/Power Man series. K’un Lun is in ruin, and Danny’s powers are waning. This sends the rattled Iron Fist on a search for a challenge, in hopes of regaining his strength. This includes showing that Iron Fist or not, Danny Rand is a weapon all on his own.

This tale is a dark, moody and action filled romp as Danny searches for opponents to test his mettle. Brisson creates a story that fits perfectly into the life of Iron Fist, and is a great companion series to the Netflix series that hit Netflix. We get a different view of Danny, and we see the path he is going down is going to be filled with violence and wonder. The way this issue ends sets up a fantastic storyline that is guaranteed to bring more amazing fighters in the Marvel Universe to the forefront. I highly recommend this debut issue of Iron Fist, and I can’t wait for the second issue to drop.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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