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It's in YOUR Hands: Help Fund Indie Spotlight- Golden Age from GBJR Toys


By Nolan P. Smith

Ah, the golden age. It’s the age that kickstarted the heroes we see today. Amazing heroics, memorable characters, and names that have stayed in the comic book pages to this day: Blue Beetle, Daredevil, and more! Well, thanks to GBJR Toys, we can now get the Golden Age of heroes immortalized in plastic as action figures!

Here is the info straight from their RocketHub page:

Bring the great Golden Age comic characters who started it all back to life in the Indie Spotlight Golden Age action figure toyline.What is Indie Spotlight Golden Age?

Remember the fun of picking up a comic book and liking it so much you had to have the action figure? So do we! But what if those characters you love or are interested in doesn’t have an action figure. That’s where GBJR Toys steps in and is proud to present to you the first series of Indie Spotlight Golden Age! – Action figures from the forgotten golden age of comic era!

This project originated from the love of golden age characters and indy comics and their creators. GBJR Toys was fortunate enough to obtain the ever popular 6” scale hyper articulated toyline Indie Spotlight from a defunct company and with that deal has created an action figure body system that will improve and make action figure production faster and full of more choices per series. The defunct companies Indie Spotlight line was bold and well received as seen by reviews online including their shining achievement the Maxx action figure which was sturdy and packed full of articulation. Over the course of several months planning went into improving the existing action figure system that was created for the toyline Indie Spotlight. We wanted a system we could call our own and one that would rival even some of the best companies out there. Once that was completed we took the line up for Golden Age series1 and are now ready to put them into action figure form along side Indie Spotlight, sure to please collectors and comic fans alike.

GBJR have put out some amazing figures, so to make these a reality would be amazing! Time is running out to make this project happen, so make sure to visit their RocketHub page at

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