Jack and the Zombie Attack Review: Take a Bite out of Awesomeness


Review by Nolan P. Smith

Written by Amy Hernandez

Art by Chris Hernandez

(Victor Valley)—When you come across a children’s book that sticks out in your mind, that begs to be read and re-read due to its uniqueness and feel good story; then you know you have a hit. It’s the hallmark of a great book: Jack and the Zombie Attack is that book.

Created by the Apple Valley residents Chris and Amy Hernandez, Jack and the Zombie Attack brings the undead to life in a fun and unique way. The book centers around Jack, a young boy who is done with the rules of being a normal kid- he would rather be one of the undead. One night, he gets his wish, as zombies mosh through the streets, and young Jack joins in on the fun. But is being a brain eating zombie exactly what the young Jack imagined?

Amy Hernandez crafts a wonderfully memorable yet simple story, a story all can read and get into. Utilizing a rhyming pattern to tell the whole tale, the story is catchy, easy to read, and with a heart. Chris provides the artwork, which is painstakingly detailed on each page. Making the zombies gruesome yet still somewhat loveable is quite the task, and yet Hernandez accomplishes this with ease.

Zombies are a hot topic issue in pop culture these days, in part thanks to the television show and comic book, The Walking Dead. This is the children’s book counterpart to the zombie phenomenon. The book, from cover to cover, is a joy to behold for children and adults of all ages. I give Jack and the Zombie Attack a perfect 10 out of 10.

The book is available on Amazon, as well as at the official Jack and the Zombie Attack website,

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