Jolley Resurrects Bloodhound At Dark Horse With Crowbar Medicine

Jolley Resurrects Bloodhound At Dark Horse With Crowbar Medicine

(Milwaukie, OR)– Dark Horse Comics is thrilled to announce the long-awaited return of the beloved series Bloodhound, from writer Dan Jolley (Prototype 2) and artist Leonard Kirk (X-Factor)!

Previously published by DC, Bloodhound begins a new five-issue series, Crowbar Medicine, that will take our hero, Travis Clevenger, to new intensities the Big Two would have never allowed—establishing Clev as the next Dark Horse superhero.

Travis Clevenger may not have superpowers, but he can put a beatdown on anyone who does! Consulting with the FBI in exchange for release from prison, Clev is getting his life together when an out-of-control superhuman’s destructive rampage and a rogue scientist’s response—offering designer superpowers to anyone who can afford them—shock the nation, leading to Clev’s biggest case yet!

Bloodhound’s acclaimed three-parter in the pages of Dark Horse Presents concludes today, familiarizing readers with what Bloodhound is all about through a complete story and paving the way for his epic return.

Additionally, the first volume of the long-out-of-print original Bloodhound series is in stores today, collecting the acclaimed DC series from Dan Jolley, Leonard Kirk, and Robin Riggs—232 pages of brutal goodness.

Praise for Dan Jolley’s Bloodhound:

“Four-color crime and punishment like they just don’t make anymore. It’s good for the blood.”—Warren Ellis

“Leonard Kirk, Eddy Barrow, Robin Riggs, and Moose Baumann did a fantastic job on the art in this book. The subtle character work is great, telling a story well beyond the words being spoken, and when the violence breaks out, jeez does it look good in that wincing and turning away from the page kind of way.”—Fanboy Comics

“Clevenger’s tragic story of lust, murder, and betrayal is extremely grounded, feeling more like Sin City than Superman.”—Den of Geek

Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #1 is on sale October 16 in comic shops everywhere!

Bloodhound Volume 1: Brass Knuckle Psychology and Dark Horse Presents #25 are available today.

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