LEGO MOC Review: Saber Island build

LEGO MOC Review: Saber Island build

By Jason T. Smith
Creative Editor

LEGO is a big part of my life. I enjoy getting in the zone in full-blown LEGO mode and ripping open a box for a new set, eager to start building. It clears my head while making it think, and the finished build is so rewarding. I love the challenge you get with some of the more extensive, expensive sets, and they’re worth the money.

I wanted more of a challenge and decided to jump into the realm of LEGO MOCs, which is the abbreviation for “My Own Creation,” given to these unique builds by the LEGO artists that created them. Thanks to websites like and, LEGO enthusiasts like myself now have the opportunity to purchase the instructions for these works of art from the artist. The only thing left to do is buy the necessary bricks, which can also be purchased from LEGO sellers on these websites.

Well, I’ve loved the pirate-themed LEGOs since I was a kid, and I remember having the Saber Island set, and I still have some of the mini figures from it today. So when I came across a remastered Saber Island while searching for a MOC to build, I knew I had to build it. It was created by an artist named Marcin Dski, who goes by SleeplessNight on Rebrickable, and you can check out more beautiful brick masterpieces from this artist on Instagram by following sleepless_night_bricks . Their castles and such are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I am so glad they made the instructions for this Saber Island available because I absolutely needed it on my LEGO shelf. And it is! Definitely a challenging but fun build; I recommend it to any LEGO pirates fan. I think the biggest challenge was acquiring all the bricks needed, as I found myself missing a few here and there, so very slight modifications were made using a few different parts and a few characters I added.

Having the opportunity to build Saber Island by Marcin Dski is definitely one of my favorite LEGO moments.

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