LEGO Up House Review

LEGO Up House Review

By Kevin Hoskinson
Entertainment Editor

It was the beginning of summer in 2009 when we went to see the new Disney/Pixar film Up. Being a massive fan of the studio, it was a no-brainer, and we were prepared for a fun outing at the movies. What we weren’t prepared for, however, was that the first 20 minutes of the film would have us crying in our seats. The whole movie is great, but it’s that opening sequence and the house that the central character, Carl uses to make his and his wife’s dreams come true that really sticks with you. The imagery of the house floating through the air using balloons is iconic, and LEGO has finally created a set that pays homage to that.

The LEGO Up house is much smaller than most fans hoped, but it’s still a neat set packed with plenty of detail. The build takes a couple of hours, just a bit longer than the movie itself. Personally, I enjoy watching the media certain sets are based on, so it’s perfect for this one. While putting it together, you come across so many little things that fill you with joy and nostalgia. A lot of it is hidden within the finished product, and you would never know it was there unless you put it together and hid it yourself. The Adventure Book is cute, with sticker pieces taken from the movie and hidden in a box in the attic. There are photos of Ellie spread throughout the home that are easily visible, but you need to turn the set around to see it.

Most of the interior is only visible if looking at it from the back. The front is a house facade, but the back is wide open. It is two stories, with Carl’s bedroom and attic upstairs and the living room downstairs. The Paradise Falls coin jar in the living room and pictures on the wall envisioning the couple’s never realized adventure. One of my biggest complaints is that there is only one recliner in the room as opposed to two, as seen in the film. It’s understandable, considering the size of the set, but it takes a little something away from it. That said, it still captures the spirit of the home perfectly.

You also get three minifigures with this set. Carl and Russell are typical figures (head, torso, legs), but Dug is a new mold and a single piece. Russell comes complete with his Junior Wilderness Explorer uniform and backpack, and Carl comes looking dapper with his suit, bow tie, and walking cane. Of course, the house wouldn’t be complete without the infamous balloons. It comes with quite a bit of them, but another complaint is that it doesn’t feel like enough. I agree with that, but much like the recliner, it captures the spirit of it, considering the size.

The build isn’t too complicated, so almost anybody can put it together. The roof is probably the most “complicated” part, but even then, it’s nothing. You are left with a gorgeous display piece and play set when all is done. It’s colorful and packs a punch. Everybody in the family will love it, and it’s certainly worth picking up at your earliest convenience.

Rating: 3.5 Pastrami Nations out of 5.

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