Let’s Kickstart This! Book of Da by Mike McCubbins and Matt Bryan


I really love it when I come across amazing projects on Kickstarter!

Book of Da is one of those projects! From the first glance I had at the page, I was sucked in to this world of strange creatures, the culture of the sea, and an awesome looking diver. The Book of Da is about a mysterious being that controls the emotions of the sea (cool, I know), and the diver who goes against him.

The art is very crisp, black and white, which reminds me of Mignola’s early days…or Hesters, which are both styles I love. To get a copy of the book, its only a pledge of $15 or more, and the cloth bound book looks outstanding.

So check it out at Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/837407022/book-of-da-a-sci-fantasy-graphic-novel and be a part of this burst of originality.

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