Let’s Kickstart This! CHAMPION OF DEMA by Hameed Catel

Let’s Kickstart This! CHAMPION OF DEMA by Hameed Catel


By Nolan P. Smith

Pastrami Nation

Here we are, back again for another installment of Let’s Kickstart This! I love Kickstarter and the opportunity it allows for creators to reach an audience otherwise unheard of without the use of funds and loans in the past. I especially love comic book Kickstarter projects, so it was a no brainer for me to highlight Champion of Dema.

What caught my eye? The art, no doubt. The vibrant, animated style of the book drew me in, but the story kept me reading. What is the Champion of Dema? Well, here is a bit directly from the Kickstarter page:

Champion of Dema is a stand alone, Afrocentric, fantasy graphic novel containing adventure, fantasy creatures, spirits and a whole new world. It’s a story about a reluctant hero named Kade who is constantly plagued by the citizens of his village (Dema) to be their champion but he keeps trying to escape his responsibilities.

I really like what author Hameed Catel has put together here. We see exactly what his vision is, the story sounds interesting and solid, and the character designs are fun and imaginative. I have seen Kickstarter projects that ask for money without so much as a glimpse of what to expect: with this, we know what we are funding, and after looking over the concept art, who wouldn’t back this?

Head over to the Kickstarter page, check out the story, the concept art, the video by the author, and help make another original work of art come to life! Here’s the link:

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