Let’s Kickstart This! Dragon Slayer: The Collected Edition by Devin Kraft

Let’s Kickstart This! Dragon Slayer: The Collected Edition by Devin Kraft


By Nolan P. Smith

Because the world of Kickstarter is so unpredictable, we have another project to spotlight already! This time, it is one that Kickstarter backers should know by now: it’s Devin Kraft’s Dragon Slayer.

Check it out on Kickstarter at:

Already a hit with volumes one and two, now Devin Kraft is back with not only the third and final volume, but with a collected edition as well! With the collected edition, fans finally get what they have been wanting, as the collected edition is done in full color!


What’s Dragon Slayer about? Here is the story straight from Kickstarter:

Dragon Slayer follows three characters as they seek revenge. El Diel, an outsider to the bustling feudal metropolis of Bel Brixus, sets out to kill the king who has provoked the destruction of his kingdom at the hands of a dragon. In the wake of Bel Brixus’ destruction, King Aldebrand seeks to kill the dragon alone and unaided, leaving his army in shambles and the population to nurse its wounds.

His city is smoldering, and with his kingdom still in ruins, he presses onward, aided by his right hand man Darius. El, meanwhile, follows close behind, waiting for his chance to bring justice to the king.

If you have been waiting for the right time to jump on board this story, now is the time! Or maybe you are just hearing about Dragon Slayer now? Then what better time to check it out than with a collected edition in full color?!?


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