Let's Kickstart This! Jupiter: An Illustrated Microfiction Artbook by Gabo


By Nolan P. Smith

I am extremely excited to spotlight this time’s Kickstarter project, as it comes from one of my favorite comic book artists today. The man behind the artwork for Oni’s The Life After, Gabo, has a Kickstarter book up, and it looks amazing. Let me introduce you to Jupiter.

Here’s the info straight from the Kickstarter page:

Jupiter is a collection of 100 illustrations with 100 corresponding micro fiction stories.  Each story is a self contained adventure that takes place on Jupiter, billions of years ago when it was close enough to the sun to sustain life.

This project started as a challenge from a friend to do daily drawings in an extra small Moleskine daily planner, and after the first few days of doodling I began to create short one sentence stories for each of these illustrations. Sometimes the story would come first, and that would fuel what I would draw, other times an image would pop into my mind and I would write the story afterwards.  At a certain point I began to imagine that all of these stories were taking place in a specific place, but at different points in time.   Eventually I developed the idea that it would take place on Jupiter, billions of years before Earth had begun its journey into life.

This looks and sounds amazing. A beautiful hardcover collection from one of the most talented guys in the comic business, this should be a no-brainer to back. Go check out the Kickstarter at and help make this book a reality.


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