Let’s Kickstart This! KitRex: The 3D Paper Velociraptor

Let’s Kickstart This! KitRex: The 3D Paper Velociraptor


By Nolan P. Smith

Pastrami Nation

(Victor Valley)– Back again already for another installment of Let’s Kickstart This! Why? Cause cool stuff has no timeline: it just happens. This time, we are spotlighting something amazingly cool and simple: KitRex: The 3D Paper Velociraptor.

It’s a paper raptor.

That should be all you need to here to go to the Kickstarter page and back it:

But if you need more, here it is, right from their Kickstarter page:

A KitRex is a flat-packed, paper dinosaur that you construct by folding and tabbing together specially cut pieces of high-quality Bristol board. It balances on its feet and can be decorated with googly eyes, feathers, and what ever else you can imagine.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? This would look awesome on someone’s desk, at home, hanging out the window of a car, in the rain…oh wait, no, it’s paper, so not in the rain. Just floored when I saw this, wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to be a part of it: they were asking for $8,000 and already they are at over $80,000…yup, people love dinos.

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