Let’s Kickstart This! MIND MGMT Comic Book & Read-Along Vinyl Record by Matt Kindt

Let’s Kickstart This! MIND MGMT Comic Book & Read-Along Vinyl Record by Matt Kindt

By Nolan P. Smith

It is time once again to shine the light down on an awesome crowdfunding project from the popular Kickstarter website. This time, we see a hybrid of sorts from one of my favorite comic book authors. Get ready to read along to Matt Kindt’s MING MGMT.

Kindt is easily one of my favorite comic book creators. His MIND MGMT books over at Dark Horse were unlike anything I had ever read. His Dept. H is a constant favorite of mine, and 3 Story is huge, literally. So why is an established creator like Kindt using Kickstarter? Well, here is the official word from the Kickstarter page:

I grew up loving read-along book and records like Planets of the Apes and Pete’s Dragon and I’ve always wanted to experiment with this format to tell a comic book story in a new and unique way. Audio stories and read-along records have been made before, but, as far as we know, no one’s ever told an original story with a read-along comic book and record for adults. So I’ve decided to bring back MIND MGMT for a stand alone story and accompanying vinyl record with a twist, and make comic book history along the way.

Dark Horse Comics has been the publisher of MIND MGMT and they’ve been a great home for the series. All six volumes of the series are in print today and I’m thrilled with their support. But they don’t make records.

Are there others out there, like me, that have a love of this storytelling format, and interest in an original comic book story and read-along vinyl record? We’re about to find out!

The project has only been up for a few days, but it has already blown through the goal needed. I backed it, and cannot wait to get my book with a gold record. It’s an ambitious outing, as we haven’t seen a read-along comic book before, and we really haven’t seen one with an actual record. The nostalgia to it all is very appealing, as seen with the response so far. I highly recommend you check out this Kickstarter, as it looks to be an amazing amount of fun. Check out the project at