Let's Kickstart This! Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits: Part 3 of Comic Miniseries


By Nolan P. Smith

The quality of Kickstarter comic book projects has been amazing lately, which calls for another spotlight! This time, it’s a project that should seem familiar, as Pastrami Nation spotlighted the second issue of this book months ago. So let’s check out issue 3 of Nentetl of the Forgotten Spirits!

Here is the info straight from the Kickstarter page:

Every year, families gather together to light candles and welcome the souls of their dearly departed. They pass down photographs of their dead and introduce the spirits to their children. But photographs fade and the elderly forget… and when the dead are forgotten, their spirits are never seen again.

Until one morning on the Day of the Dead, when the shroud between worlds was opened long enough to let one forgotten spirit out…

Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits is a spirited horror story about a ghost searching for her family during the festival of the Day of the Dead, while dodging ambitious exorcist apprentices. Vera Greentea (Recipes for the Dead, PAPA) and talented artist Laura Müller (Mega Man Tribute, Subway to Sally Storybook) collaborate to create an autumn-friendly tale of skulls and hope.

In Part Three we discover the lost story of Nena’s tragic past, as she and third exorcist-apprentice Jonah go traipsing a haunted tombified factory, looking for clues to where her family might be. In the meantime, an eerie new presence arrives in Mexico…

Laura Müller is haunting the pages of Nenetl yet again, bringing her eerie glowy colors and ghostly inks to collaborate on this all-ages fairy tale of family and phantoms.

This book looks absolutely amazing, which is the reason their previous Kickstarter project drew my attention. So go check it out, as it is the crowd funding support of fans that make projects like this a reality! Here’s the link:

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