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Let’s help Kickstart Sithrah! Here’s the link,

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Jason Brubaker is trying to fund the printing of a beautiful hardcover comic called Sithrah.

Who is Jason Brubaker?

Jason Brubaker has been working on graphic novels since 2006 in his free time. His first book was called reMIND which took seven years to complete. Now he has been working on a brand new story called SITHRAH.

What is SITHRAH?

SITHRAH is an all-age sci-fi about a seven year old girl who ends up alone when her plane crashes in a unfamiliar land. Trying to locate her missing father, she starts seeing an invisible creature that has been following her. This book will be the first in a series of 5 or 6 books depending on how long it takes Jason Brubaker to tell the story.

Jason Brubaker was inspired by comic artists in the 90’s when he refined his drawing style and then was influenced by Miyazaki’s movies and storytelling over the last decade.

As you can see he is experimenting with the comic format by mixing subtle prose with the comic panels. His hope is to blur the lines between comics, children’s books, and novels without making it jarring for the reader.

SITHRAH will be 96 full color pages in a hardcover book. 1000 copies will include a signed and numbered bookplate. The interior pages will be printed on thick, high quality paper printed with the same care and attention to detail that Jason put into reMIND Volume 1 and 2. The retail price will be $19.95.

Just so you know some history of Jason´s books: The first printing of his first book, reMIND, was printed in spring of 2011 with 2500 copies that sold out in about 6 months. It got much praise from fans on Amazon and has won some awards and achievements during and after the production including:

2010 Xeric Grant Winner
2012 Great Graphic Novels for Teens List (GGNT)
2012 Selected for Arkansas State Reading list.

Publication Date

SITHRAH will be ready to go to the printer in October 2014 if everything goes according to plan.

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