Let's Kickstart This! Terra Kaiju by Joe Badon


By Nolan P. Smith


This time, I spotlight a comic book project on Kickstarter that caught my eye right away. Welcome to Terra Kaiju. Here’s the info straight from the Kickstarter page:

Terra Kaiju is a 25 page, saddle stitched, landscape format, One-Shot Comic Book inspired by my life long love for Godzilla movies. It’s also heavily inspired by films such as Tsu Hong Wu, GMK, and the 1966 film Daimajin, which is a kaiju film set in feudal Japan.

Terra Kaiju is set in feudal Japan as well. An endless, embittered battle between two neighboring villages ravages Japan’s countryside. The battle will be decided by pitting the village gods against one another.

At the heart of the story is our hero, Kohitsuji. He is young samurai who must sacrifice his life to his village’s sleeping god, Terra Ramu. Kohitsuji’s soul is then infused into Terra Ramu, thus awakening him for battle.

This project sounds awesome, looks amazing, and is something I backed personally. Check it out for your monster fighting fix!



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