Let’s Kickstart This! The Appex Effect : A Prologue to Chaos Theory

Let’s Kickstart This! The Appex Effect : A Prologue to Chaos Theory
Let’s Kickstart This! The Appex Effect : A Prologue to Chaos Theory


By Nolan P. Smith

It is time once again to shine the internet spotlight down on another stand out project on Kickstarter, so let’s Kickstart The Appex Effect!

Written and illustrated by Joseph Falade, who is a scientist and mechanical engineering junior at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, the book looks to shed the light on the science aspect of sci-fi, which, when you think about it, sounds pretty interesting. Here’s the scoop straight from the Kickstarter page:

At the end of World War Two, a German ship was found close to Antarctica with all it’s crewmen dead. A U.S Navy ship the USS Sennet boards the ship and discovers a mysterious stone like object impervious to physical damage. The object was shipped to a classified location called Point 68 for further research.

It’s February 25 1942, Major Anderson and his men are guarding the Los Angeles coast at Fort MacArthur, suddenly temporal distortions began to appear around the night sky as flashes of light……..

The goal of this project is to create issue 1, titled, The Apex Effect . The issue was written and illustrated by Joseph Falade. The entire literary work was completed early last year. The end-time scenario, a concept that has captured hearts and molded entire beliefs. Everything that has a beginning has to have an end, right… Some of the threats that humanity faces today are nuclear extermination, Disease outbreaks, climate change and most dangerous of all ourselves… Must everything really come to an end? After all there is such a thing as infinity. Cogito ergo sum – René Descartes, which roughly translates as “I think therefore I am.” If how we think affects how we interact with our surroundings, then maybe it is time we start to think positive. What if there is a device that can prevent a nuclear reaction from taking place at the molecular level. Can that really solve the nuclear threat? Or does the problem lie deeper within ourselves? The Apex Effect: A prologue to Chaos Theory, is the first installment in the Chaos theory series. Chaos Theory as a whole chronicles the story of man from the 21st century to the 5th millennium, the challenges they face, and how this affects their view of the world they live in. What lies ahead for the future of mankind? Join me as I attempt to lift this veil from an entirely scientific perspective with real life implications. The book promises rich storylines, engaging action, suspense, new technologies and much more. Thanks for the support guys.

So go check it out, and if you can, support independent comics like this. Check out the Kickstarter page at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1634662663/the-appex-effect-a-prologue-to-chaos-theory

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