Let’s Kickstart This! The Wicked Righteous

Let’s Kickstart This! The Wicked Righteous

By Nolan P. Smith

It is time, yes, it is time once again! Let’s shine the spotlight down on a cool and creative project from the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. This time, a creator was awesome enough to reach out to me and let me know of their awesome project: I give you, The Wicked Righteous!

In post-apocalyptic San Diego, four teenage brothers rescue a young girl from a brutal gang of psychopaths and spark a chain of events that attract an onslaught of unspeakable evil. This is the world of the Wicked and the Righteous… and the children will lead them all.

If you check out the Kickstarter page (, I think you will agree, this book looks, feels and reads like a disturbing epic waiting to be read.

The Wicked Righteous is published by Alterna Comics, is distributed by Diamond and ordered by comic shops from all around the world. Alterna has brought the world some awesome indie books, I highly recommend you check out their titles like Trespasser and Cyko KO! as well as this book!

This journey began in August 2017 when The Wicked Righteous was released on classic newsprint as a 6 Issue Limited Series… and there has been no looking back since!

This Kickstarter project collects the series into one collection. Not only that, you get a remastered collection, clocking in at over 170 pages and collecting the fist six issues, four original short stories, and pin ups!

This is a great way to experience a new book: you have a complete collection right here, in an awesome format. Check it out, help it reach it’s awesome stretch goals, and get ready for a wild ride.