Let’s Kickstart This! The Winter King

Let’s Kickstart This! The Winter King

By Nolan P. Smith


I am back with my favorite column at Pastrami Nation- Let’s Kickstart This! Today, we once again shine down the spotlight on a deserving Kickstarter project, and it’s an amazing one. Enter The Winter King, a wordless graphic novella about a coyote- yes, it already sounds amazing.

Here is directly from the Kickstarter page:

Featuring 42 pages of story, this will be a 6.5×8.5″ risograph printed, perfect bound, softcover book. The cover will be a three color print, with two color interiors.

A coyote ventures out into the woods in the midst of a long, strange winter. 

The world is changing, the woods are changing. But life must still go on. An animal’s gotta eat, and that means heading out into the cold, dark woods. 

This book not only sounds amazing, but the sample pages are outstanding! Be sure to back this project before it closes! Click HERE to back now!

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