Let's Kickstart This! Union Street Choir


By Nolan P. Smith

I love coming across projects that are just so different, so eye catching, that you just have to give them a look. Union Street Choir is one of these projects. With an art style that grabs you by the throat for attention and a story set in the 1930’s, this looks like a book to back! Here is the link and official info from their Kickstarter page:

Union Street Choir immerses you in an age of American history that captivates our imaginations–the crazy 30’s. Set in San Francisco during a time of immense economic despair, the Great Depression, in a world where fascism and hardships were strangling the common man, we introduce you to five free spirits. Blues, Smiles, Lucky, Knuks and Sourdough will show you how it was for young men in the 1930’s who were just trying to get by.

Issues #1-2

Chapter 1 “Stay Lucky”

Chapter 2 “Sing the Blues”


Issue #1: 7-page preview

Facebook page: Union St. Choir

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