Longmire Season 6 Review: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Longmire Season 6 Review: Nothing Gold Can Stay

23674948_1171209336347059_6207604426025179822_oBy Nolan P. Smith

The poet Robert Frost said, “Nothing gold can stay”. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to the sixth and final season to Longmire. Now a Netflix exclusive, this season takes every loose end and ties it up nicely. But does Sheriff Walt Longmire get to ride into the sunset?

The story of Sheriff Longmire (Robert Taylor) and his small group of law enforcement in Absaroka County, Wyoming comes to a close, and does so in grand fashion. I have been a fan since season one, and was excited when Netflix took over the once cancelled series to help continue the story. We have seen death, deception, mystery, intrigue, and teases at romance for years, and this year, it all comes to an end.

Taylor completely owns the role of Longmire, so much so that I think no fan wanted to see this series ever end. With his partners in arms Vic (Katee Sackoff) and The Ferg (Adam Bartley), the law enforcement trio continue their search for the mastermind behind much of the county’s woes, Malachi (Graham Greene). But they aren’t alone, as Walt’s longtime friend Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) is back as well, as is his longtime nemesis Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez), reservation police officer Matthias (Zahn McClarnon): literally the gang is all here.

From the search for Malachi to Walt’s ongoing legal battle with the Connally estate, to the long running mystery of bank robber Cowboy Bill, it all comes to a close with this final season. I will admit, some seasons haven’t been the best, but they pulled out all the stops for the final run. I loved everything about this season. From Walter’s growth and realization of the life he is leading, to Ferg’s one moment to shine and his many moments of incompetence, to the outstanding performances by A Martinez and Lou Diamond Phillips. This is easily my favorite season of Longmire, and I am sad to see it go. Here’s hoping we get a spin off series or the rumored spin-off movies. Maybe “Matthias and The Ferg”? I would watch it, and if you loved this season as much as I did, you would, too. I tip my hat to the whole gang that made Longmire possible, job well done.

Rating: 10 out of 10.