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Los Angeles Comic Con 2023: A Resounding Success

Los Angeles Comic Con 2023: A Resounding Success

By Nolan P. Smith


Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith

The Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC) made a grand return to the LA Convention Center this year, marking Pastrami Nation’s comeback after a four-year break. The question on everyone’s mind was: what would this year’s premier comic convention in the City of Angels offer?

The answer: everything, and then some. This year’s LACC was announced as the most diverse and immersive show in the event’s 12-year long history with  122,300+ attendees, with over 1,000 artists and vendors.

Having been a regular at LACC since its inception (originally the Comikaze Expo), our team had missed the past four editions due to various life events. In the past, the convention was decent but didn’t quite make it to the top of our list. However, this year, we were in for a pleasant surprise. The LACC stood out as one of the most organized and thoughtfully planned conventions we’ve attended. From exemplary parking garage attendants to a seamless check-in process, we were quickly immersed in the bustling exhibit hall.

Jason Smith of Pastrami Nation expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “This con experience rivals the one I had at SDCC in July, and that’s a good thing.”

The exhibit hall was cleverly organized into sectors, ranging from comic books to action figures and collectibles. This layout made exploring the event a breeze. Highlights included the NeoGen Toys booth with its exceptional import action figures from 5kToys and the Jada Toys booth, showcasing their impressive Street Fighter and Mega Man lines. The Savage Crucible and Spero Toys booths were equally noteworthy, offering a chance to interact with the creators behind these innovative action figure lines.

The LACC’s appeal was also evident among other attendees. Joshua Gilmore from the Nowhere California Podcast shared his thoughts, “After a short absence from conventions, I’m happy to return to Los Angeles. The environment and community make it a different positive beast, compared to other cons.”

Featuring two exhibit halls, one focusing on mainstream attractions and another dedicated to gaming and live Esports, the convention catered to a wide range of interests. A separate autograph room also helped streamline the overall experience.

In conclusion, the Los Angeles ComicCon has once again established itself as a top-tier comicconvention. Its meticulous organization and diverse offerings make it a standout event not just in California, but nationwide.

For an inside look at this spectacular event and updates on the 2024 convention, visit We look forward to seeing you there next year!

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