Mad Cave Studios: DICK TRACY #1 Coming This April

Mad Cave Studios: DICK TRACY #1 Coming This April

By Staff Reports

Announcing the first look at the DICK TRACY comic book series from Mad Cave Studios, in partnership with Tribune Content Agency and New Wave Comics! 

The iconic sleuth returns in this series debut from bestselling and award-winning authors Alex Segura (Secret Identity) and Michael Moreci (Barbaric), and renowned artist Geraldo Borges (Nightwing), with creative consultation from Chantelle Aimée Osman (The Rejects), colors by Mark Englert, and letters by Jim Campbell.

DICK TRACY #1 features six different covers, Cover A featuring art from Geraldo Borges and Mark Englart, connecting cover B by Brent Schoonover and Nick Filardi, cover C by Shawn Martinbrough and Chris Sotomayor; a blank sketch cover D, and retailer incentive covers by Francesco Francavilla and Dan Panosian.

A new era for the iconic detective starts here, from bestselling and acclaimed authors Alex Segura and Michael Moreci, as an all-new, noir-infused chapter in the Dick Tracy legacy kicks off with superstar artist Geraldo Borges.

In the aftermath of World War II, the country stands frozen–waiting for the next shoe to drop. In The City, a brutal murder draws the attention of rising star detective Dick Tracy, who soon discovers the bloodshed is just the beginning of a complicated web that threatens to ensnare everything he cares about.

Blending the classic elements of the Dick Tracy world (including his iconic villains, supporting cast, and unforgettable watch radio) with a hardboiled and realistic take, DICK TRACY #1 kicks off a fresh and modern take on the iconic detective that remains true to his rich history.

“The world of Dick Tracy is rife with complex characters, twisted motives, and dangerous corners – and we really want to lean into the essence of what Chester Gould created without trying to imitate Dick Tracy’s creator,” said Alex Segura. “What Michael, Geraldo, Chantelle, and I are cooking up uses all the ingredients fans are familiar with – hopefully creating something that feels fresh and vibrant while honoring what’s come before. We don’t just want to tell a fun Dick Tracy story – we want to craft a great crime saga, too. Thanks for joining us on this ride.”

“Our goal in making a new Dick Tracy comic isn’t to be kitsch or try to recapture what Chester Gould did so masterfully—I can’t even presume to have that gift,” said Michael Moreci. “Instead, we want to take the essence of what makes it work and recalibrate it for both new and audiences alike. Dick Tracy is a crime comic—that’s its roots. It’s populated with colorful and dangerous villains, takes place in a seedy city—we cherish that feel and tone, much like we cherish the works that Dick Tracy itself inspired (Criminal, LA Confidential, things like that), and it’s due time that this terrific story gets the treatment it deserves.”

“This isn’t your grandfather’s Dick Tracy—though it will absolutely have all the elements you know and love,” said Chantelle Aimée Osman. “Having the opportunity to introduce Chester Gould’s beloved character to a whole new generation of readers is an honor, and Alex, Michael, and Geraldo are absolutely the creators to bring Dick Tracy, Tess Trueheart, and all your favorite villains into the twenty-first century.”

Dick Tracy is definitely one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time with a unique rogue gallery,” said Geraldo Borges. “So we have the chance to introduce Dick Tracy to new readers and bring him back to long-time fans, respecting Chester Gould´s original stories and following the roots of the character, but trying to do something fresh and new. The story written by Alex, Michael and Chantelle allowed me to play with Chiaroscuro, a strong black and white contrast. And talking about contrast, It will be awesome seeing the yellow and bright Dick Tracy coat and his cartoonish villains side by side with dark streets and a grounded book.”

For over 90 years, the evolution of Chester Gould’s detective Dick Tracy has gone from comic strip to a radio show and merchandise, all the way to hitting the big screen in 1990—so mark your calendars, the coveted crime icon returns with Dick Tracy #1 on April 24th! 

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