Marvel NOW: Iron Man #1 Cover and Details Revealed


No longer the armored Avenger…no…Iron Man is now the Iconic Avenger.

Which fits as his armor is as every bit iconic as Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer. posted an interview today with new series writer Kieron Gillen, where he talks about Iron Man, the man behind the mask, and what’s in store for old shell head. Plus, a look at the cover to the new #1 hitting this fall. My favorite part of the interview? Right here:

Each issue will illuminate something about Tony and they’re all very different. Issue two is a lot like the Bruce Lee Kung-Fu Island story; it’s like a joust, it’s all about the knight imagery, essentially going to a tournament. Issue three is like a ninja story, Tony Stark trying to be a full-on stealth master, issue four is a horror story and issue five is something a little more romantic and scientific but I’m going to keep that one under wraps.”

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