Meet the New President of the United States: Captain America


The Sentinel of Liberty is now the leader of the free world.

Marvel Comics announced today that Captain America will become the President of the United States, but only in their Ultimate Universe. Check out the official word from Marvel:

The Ultimate Comics Universe has been through hell over the past several months, with Reed Richards’ terrorist attack decimating Washington, DC, William Stryker and his Sentinels taking over the American Southwest, and the United States fragmenting into multiple independent countries.
But while divided they fell, united they will stand, as one nation—under Captain America.
In ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #15, on sale this week, in a special election, the United States of America will vote Steve Rogers in as the new Commander-in-Chief. The story continues next week, in ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #16, as Captain America takes office and begins his most challenging mission since being forged in the fires of World War II: healing the shattered country he loves from its darkest days.

Head over to to check out an interview with writer Sam Humphries about this ground breaking change, and what it means to the Ultimate Marvel U.

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