Memorial Day 2015- Remember the Fallen

Memorial Day 2015- Remember the Fallen


By Nolan P. Smith

On behalf of everyone at Pastrami Nation, we would like wish everyone a fun, enjoyable and relaxing Memorial Day. Please remember why you have this time to relax with family and friends: if not for the brave men and women who served our county and made the ultimate sacrifice, we would not have the freedoms to have such a great day and weekend.

Thank you to all of our men and women in the armed forces who gave their lives for our freedom. As we have our BBQ’s with our friends and families, let us all remember the countless soldiers who don’t get to have that time again with their families, and take a moment to remember and to thank them. It is such a small gesture, and they deserve so much more, but the least we can do is remember their bravery and dedication for the country we love.

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