Nerdist Industries Premieres NERDIST PRESENTS: Batman's Parents Aren't Dead Today!


By Staff Reports

What happens when the entire premise of a superhero’s persona comes waltzing into his living room? Let’s find out together, shall we?

The first episode of the new sketch series, Nerdist Presents, has arrived…as have Batman’s parents! In this hilarious sketch written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (creators and writers of The Thrilling Adventure Hour) and directed by Andrew Bowser, the gravel-voiced Dark Knight is surprised to find that his supposedly dead parents are very much alive. Take a seat in Wayne Manor as Thomas and Martha Wayne, played by Marc Evan Jackson and Paget Brewster non-chalantly reminisce about ‘little Bruce’ while Batman…err, The Batman (Mark Gagliardi)…has to grapple with the fact that his entire vendetta is unfounded.  Just your average, oops-I-thought-my-parents-were-murdered-so-I-became-a-masked-vigilante, dysfunctional family!

New one-off sketches, videos, and parodies from Nerdist Presents will premiere bi-weekly on Wednesdays, taking on everything from Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and more – only on!

About Nerdist:
Nerdist Industries is a multi-platform creator of genre and popular culture content. Founded by CEO Chris Hardwick, its online presence includes a website at; a premium YouTube channel ( featuring Nerdist News hosted by Jessica Chobot; a combined 2.4 million Twitter followers; a Podcast Network including the flagship Nerdist Podcast; The Nerdist School comedy training program; and the Nerdist Alliance, a community of curated partnerships with some of YouTube’s most talented and passionate creators including up and coming stars Hannah and Hilly Hindi of The Hillywood Show. Nerdist also produces content for television including @midnight for Comedy Central and All Star Celebrity Bowling for AMC. Further, Nerdist hosts live events around the country such as The Nerdist Podcast Live! and Course of the Force, an annual lightsaber relay in partnership with Lucasfilm LTD. Legendary Entertainment acquired Nerdist Industries in August 2012.

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