Now is the Time: Save He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!!!


Now, YOU have the power!

As we reported on in July, the Masters of the Universe Classics line from Mattel is in danger of coming to an end. The success of the line and it’s future rests in the hands of the fans. How? By subscribing!

The line is offered as a subscription service, where each month you will be billed for a figure, with extra items throughout the year as well including extra sized figures, multi-packs, and more. Subscriptions are available NOW and end Monday, August 6th! Go to to subscribe today!

Tomorrow is the big #saveheman campaign, details for it can be found HERE. The line has brought us some of the best MOTU figures so far, including Fisto, Stinkor and Spikor! Next year already looks awesome, with Jitsu and Ram Man on tap! But we have to reach out, we have to make a difference.

Pons Maar, known to Masters of the Universe fans as Saurod, has made a video reaching out to fans to save the line. He is just one of many who have reached out recently. Check out his video below:


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