Now is the Time to Save NBC's Constantine!


By Nolan P. Smith

Television shows come and go, am I right? Some, we wish would never end, like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, King of the Hill, and the George Lopez show to name a few. Then, some, well, some are rightfully given the axe before we are subjected to any more nonsense (The Cape, anyone?). But one of this year’s standout hits for the fall season is in danger of being axed, and if this happens, we lose a whole slew of quality storytelling.

Constantine needs our help!

The NBC show has halted production before completing the first season, as the higher ups want to see if the show is holding its own. Based on the DC Comic’s character, the show follows the self professed “Master of the Dark Arts” John Constantine as he battles demons, monsters, ghosts, and more. Leading actor Matt Ryan took to social media today to encourage everyone to #SaveConstantine. Why should we save it?


For one, the first five episodes so far have been fantastic! If you like Supernatural, or anything about the occult, then you need to be watching this! Wait, are you a fan of DC Comics? Then how come you aren’t watching a show filled with DC Easter eggs!?! Dr. Fate, Jim Corrigan, The Spectre… and that’s just naming a few!

How do we save it? For one, and most importantly, WATCH THE SHOW! It airs Fridays at 10 p.m., right after Grimm (another great show!) on NBC. But also, let’s use the hashtag #SaveConstantine to exercise our use of social media and show the virtual world that we want to keep Constantine on the air! Also, a petition has been launched to help save the show, make sure to go sign it (its free to sign, ignore the donation stuff after you sign it.)

Need to catch up on episodes? No problem! Check out the first five episodes FOR FREE at

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