NY Post Publishes List of former WWE Raw Stars Who Died Under the Age of 45


The New York Post has published a list of wrestlers, managers and even referees that appeared on WWE’s Raw and all died under the age of 45. The article can be found HERE. Of course, it’s done in a manner to take more shots at the WWE and the pro wrestling profession as Raw reaches it’s milestone 1,000th episode this Monday.

Personally, I am re-posting the names as a tribute to all those that left the world too soon. As a lifelong fan and supporter of the WWE and pro wrestling as a whole, it saddens me to see such a huge list, but looking through, name by name, brought a smile to my face. These were people who went out there and performed for the world to see, despite any choices in their personal lives and any substance abuse, and even how their lives came to an end. So, here is the list, and I hope it brings back as many good memories for you as it did for me:

* Bam Bam Bigelow

* Bertha Faye

* Big Boss Man

* Brian Pillman

* “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith

* Chris Benoit

* Chris Duffy

* Crash Holly

* Crush

* Earthquake/Golga

* Eddie Guerrero

* Giant Gonzalez

* Joey Marella

* Johnny Grunge

* Kanyon

* Lance Cade

* Marianna/Miss Cleavage

* Mike Awesome

* Mr. Perfect

* Owen Hart

* Rad Radford

* Rick Rude

* Road Warrior Hawk

* Skip

* Test

* The Executioner (a/k/a Terry Gordy)

* Umaga/Jamal

* Yokozuna

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