Pastrami Comic Review: Halo- Initiation #1

Pastrami Comic Review: Halo- Initiation #1


Review by Christopher Guzman- Pastrami Nation

By: Brian Reed and Marco Castiello

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics-

Thoom! The inaugural issue of Dark Horse Comics Halo: Initiation is here and it hit like arty down range. There are always two sides to every impact: those sending the fire and where it lands with those receiving it.

This issue takes place at Highcom Facility Bravo-6 January 2553 in Sydney Australia. The galaxy is on the brink of unrest and with Master Chief’s whereabouts unknown, someone has to take his place to protect humanity.  Heated military council discussions ensue about reactivating the Spartan program. Besides its dark roots, the Spartan program has been successful in saving humanity on numerous occasions. At the end of these discussions, despite the military’s boards differences, they are notified by Musa, a wheelchair bound officer, that the production of new Spartans has already begun.

Initiation is a strong addition to the Halo universe. If you are new to the Halo franchise it may be a rough start. On the other hand for a HALO-Holic or a well-oiled Spartan, then you will enjoy Initiation. The art work is fantastic and the adapted military realm is on target down to proper military nomenclatures. The story is intriguing with an epic long debated question for Halo fans answered, will make this worth the read.  So lock and load for the new Dark Horse HALO: Initiation. For die-hard fans, they will appreciate it and what may be a slow start for new comers.  We are going to have to give this a mission accomplishment as in sir, the mission was accomplished: the highest rank of a 5 on the Pastrami Nation scale. Till next time, cheers!   

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