Pastrami Nation Podcast- The Horror Episode- Now on YouTube and Everywhere You Listen to Podcasts!

Pastrami Nation Podcast- The Horror Episode- Now on YouTube and Everywhere You Listen to Podcasts!

By Nolan P Smith


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All right. There we go. Hello everybody and welcome to the Pastrami Nation Podcast. We are the Meeta Pop culture. My name is Nolan Smith. I’m the editor and co-founder of Pastrami Nation. Joining us today, we have the Godfather of Toys. Christian, welcome. Sure. . How are you guys? Yeah. To stick with it. Yeah.

And, and hosting today’s show. We have our entertainment editor for procrastination along. His son Eli. He walking. Kevin Hoskinson. Hey guys. What’s up? How’s it going man? Uh, Eli. Eli. So this kid got home from school today and I berate, I barraged, I, you know, I like jumped on him. Like, Dude, you gotta see this.

Did you need the news? Do you see the news? I wasn’t even able to walk in the door. Yeah, because knowing this kid, he’s gonna jump on TikTok YouTube and just read a headline and be like, Did you know I have to show him the whole video? Um, we’re just gonna jump right into it, guys. Uh, y’all know what it is.

If you’re all watching, you guys know what it is. Uh, Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine Logan in. In Deadpool three and he’s in the mcu. Like, this is insane. I don’t think anybody actually expected it. I think everybody wanted it. Nobody actually expected it. Um, big new, like, it blew my mind, dude. Like I’m still like, Like, it’s insane.

It’s crazy. And what a way to announce it too. Like who, who, how, I mean Mary Ryan Reynolds ish. Right? Like it was right down this alley. Yeah. Cuz I, my thing is I kind of had it spoiled a little bit before, cause I saw the, the Deadpool logo and the three, you know, the three close to it. And I was like, Wait, like this has gotta be fan made or something.

I was like, it just popped up. I was like, What is this? And then of course I go to Twitter and Twitter’s just, Fire. I’m like, What is happening? So I had to watch the video, um, and. Genius, man. The video, the reveal was genius. Um, if you guys haven’t seen it yet, uh, anyone who’s watching or listening hasn’t seen it yet, go to YouTube.

You could even Twitter, uh, Ryan Reynolds, and it’s all, all it’s on all his socials. Yeah, you’ll see it everywhere. It’s such a great video. You know, it just kind of like, you know, he’s talking about how he, they have, you know, they’re working on Deadpool three, getting everyone excited. Then they’re like, I got nothing.

I got nothing except we have one idea and then. Freaking Hugh Jackman just like walks by quickly in the background. He’s like, Hey, Hugh. He’s like, Yeah, how do you want, How do you feel about playing Wolverine one last time? I just love the way he is, just like brushing it off. He’s like, Yeah, sure, Ryan. Yeah, yeah, sure.

Ryan. Like, man, and then the cut to Whitney. Houstons, I will always love Hugh, which is awesome. fantastic. Oh my gosh. That is the, Didn’t see you. Did it coming at all? Nobody did. And I think so I’ve been seeing a lot of conversation about it, obviously. Right? Like people are talking about, uh, the Logan effect, like how will it affect Logan?

Logan was such a beautiful swan song for the character. Uh, yes, it was. Everyone was like, you know, this is the final goodbye. Uh, and the same thing happened with Professor Xavier right, too, cuz that was supposed to be his swan song as. Excuse we, you bless you. Um, but, um, he came back, obviously small role, but multiverse, multiverse, madness, multiverse opens a bunch of donors.

It does. Uh, do you guys feel like this is gonna affect Logan at all? The effectiveness? I always thought of Logan as like a fast forward. Like it was like, you know, we were flashing forward to see the end of his story. So, Right. Um, I, I, I, I get it cuz it’s the last thing that we get to see him in and like, how do we wanna, like, are, are we willing to change that?

I think, you know, if, if they treat this well and they do this right, this could be really, really cool. Um, Uh, yeah, I, I, Here’s the thing. I’m not fan of the Fox movies like period. I think, I think the Xmen movies are hot garbage, um, with the, Except a futures pass. Thank you. Except for Dance Pass. Most of Xmen too.

Uh, but all the rest of it I’m like, not fan of, but the Deadpool movies I love and I think Logan is one of the best comic book movies. So, um, I’m happy. I, I, I really just wanted a full recast of the Xmen and this could still just be like a John Kazinski thing where they’re just bringing him in for one movie.

Um, if he ends up being our Ce Wolverine, I’m kind of okay with that too, like, so I, I’m fine. I love you Jackman. And that man can do no wrong in my opinion, So, no, absolutely. I completely agree. What about you, Nolan? What, what, what are you, I mean, I’m sure you’re, you seem excited as as everyone else, man.

Like we all are. I think. Absolutely. Yeah. And I want to echo what Christian said about how the Logan was like a fast forward. So like Marvel comics is notorious for making books called The End. So they made Hulk the End, Wolverine the End, and it takes you to the end of their life and what the last thing that happens to them is.

Um, and that’s what I felt like Logan was. I felt like Logan did a fantastic job of it. So I don’t think it’s gonna mish anything. Not at all. Um, I think fans have been wanting this. I think Ryan Reynolds has been wanting this for a very long time. , but I mean, come on. Ryan Reynolds was made to play Deadpool.

So to be able to, We Deadpool’s power is, Regeneration, right? Like you can shop in, shop him under a million pieces and he comes back. Why wouldn’t you put Wolverine in there? So he could do that. Like, it, it makes total sense. Um, I think it’s gonna be like the buddy cop film we never knew we wanted or needed.

Um, and um, a hundred percent on board and for it to be a fall movie is very, um, Very bold of Marvel, right? Yeah. Because, yeah, absolutely. Every time I think of fall movies, I think a Sky Captain in the World of Tomorrow and how it bombed, because, and that was a September movie . Um, there’s not, there’s not very many September hits, but then again, there wasn’t very many February hits until Deadpool, so.

Right, right. Yeah, yeah. Like, The early months used to be like a death. It used to be a death place, you know, where you put the movies in January, February, January. Yeah. Especially like horror march was really like the cutoff, right? Yeah. But over the past few years, I mean, even before Covid, like you can release a horror movie in January and February and you can make, you know, millions of dollars, you know?

Um, yeah. . So, yeah, I mean, I think, I think you’re right. No, it is kind of risky of them to do that, especially in September, but I mean, It’s, it’s gonna make money. Like it’s, there’s no way. It’s not, No question. No question. Right. Yeah. I do think, going back to knowing what you were talking about, them doing like a buddy cop thing, kind of almost what they did with the second one with cable.

So like, I think they’ve, they’ve kind of have to like, you know, be careful to, to not really don’t reach. Right. Right. Don’t retread it. Yeah. Um, but that being said, I don’t know I, I’ll, I’m happy to see, um, Ryan back in suit. I’m, I’m happy to. Uh, you absolutely put the, put the stuff on. I’m sure we’re gonna get, um, you know, cable back in this one too, so I think it’ll be, Yeah.

Uh, kind of fun. You know, Wolverine did have his run, um, on the, uh, uncanny X Force, so he was an X Force member too in the comics. So different X Force, but, you know, still cool. Um, so yeah, I, I’m kinda holding on hope to what they, the story’s gonna be. So even the Wolverines. , I just gotta throw it out there.

I want it to be based off the first, the like first 25 issues of the Deadpool ongoing series, which is where Deadpool hit absolute rock bottom in his life and wanted to end it. I want Wolverine to come in there, um, because like everything went wrong to him. Like he thought he was dating this lady and it wasn’t really her, it was somebody with a hologram just trying to mess.

Right. Um, he thought he was joining an X Force and they told him like, You’re horrible. Why would we ever want you? Like, he messed up the field of dreams. Like it was like the biggest like down slope of a character all leading up to this guy saying like, Hey, I’m gonna come kill you. And he’s like, Well, the cool thing is too, like now you.

Yeah, you can throw in events in the MCU that we’ve seen that he totally messed up. Right? Like would’ve somehow he allowed Thanos to get one of the infinity stones or something, you know, like, Oops, Like my bad. I mean, I think that would be so cool. Yeah. Really making the ultimate loser of it, where he just like, I’m done, I’m, I keep trying and I suck.

They’re also obviously gonna have to address the fact that, uh, Josh Brolin is also than as well as Oh yeah. So that’s definitely something they have to address. , uh, but I dunno, in Deadpool too, when he’s like, Zip Thanos. Yeah. I, um, there John Kosinski tweeted, I don’t know if you guys saw that. I think he like, responded to the original tweet for Ryan Reynolds and he said, Is this our.

Like Kosinski said that, if you look at the timeline too, Deadpools scheduled to release right before Fantastic Four, like the month before. That’s true. So, Dang. So very interesting. I don’t know what Kosinski is doing there. Yeah. Oh, nothing. Oh, yeah. I don’t know. I just think like he, he’s been playing Koi about like if he’s gonna be read Richards or not.

Um, there’s been a lot of rumors that there’s all these other people that have been cast as it. I just think if. He wasn’t in the role. If he wasn’t actually gonna be, he wouldn’t be like, I don’t know cuz you know what I mean? That kind of is you’re proposing on if it is somebody else, that sucks for them.

Yeah. Cause then you’re like building up hope with the audience to think. So I think there’s still a good chance that we’re getting Junkers. Zinsky as right. Reed Richards. Um, and I’d, I’d be really happy to see that. So, absolutely. I really excited just to know that they’re, they’re working on it. And just to know this now, it’s huge.

Yeah, definitely. I had, um, I was talking to Eli earlier about how interviews, previous interviews with Hugh Jackman, he’s like, The only way I’ll come back to the MCU to be Wolverine again is if I get to fight the Hulk. Yes. Like, that was one of his like, like main things I watch, I’ll come back if I could fight the Hulk.

Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, now you can do that. Right. The Hulk can show up in some capacity in this movie and he can fight the Hulk. What if it’s a different Hulk? It could be. Well, I think we were talking to, it’d be hilarious if they brought in like Ed Norton as like of The Hulk. Well, there’s that, but what about a completely new Hulk?

Because there Oh yeah. You can also, The multiverse. Yeah. No, I bring scars. There’s such though, But, um, yeah, we, we won’t see more. But as we know, the movie’s gonna be directed by Sean Levy. Who, you know, Strange. He did a lot of Stranger Things, Free guy, Real Steel, um, all these really great, you know, he was great relationships with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, uh, Real Steel.

Right. So it’s funny, he tweeted today, he’s like, I like to thank Stranger Things for teaching me how to keep my mouth shut. Like, I’ve been sitting on this news for two weeks. Oh, that’s great. That’s fantastic. Yeah. So, um, That’s cool. Yeah. That comes out September was September 9th, 2024. Mm-hmm. So that will be exciting meeting patiently for it.

Dude, we’re all excited for that. And that was kind of a, a quick detour because that news was huge and we had to talk about it and it’s some really, really huge news we really wanted to talk about today. Listen, well, sorry, I don’t wanna interrupt, but before, I don’t know. I don’t know if you guys heard, it’s not that big of a deal, but like, Oh, go ahead.

I guess they official before we get into our big topic that we’re gonna be talking about, Um, they confirmed that in Black Panther too, uh, na more will absolutely be a mutant. Yes, I saw that. So that’s kind of huge news. Yeah. Um, he is like canonically in the comic cause he is very much like tied to the expon and is a mutant mm-hmm.

Um, so I think that’s really cool what they’re, they also confirmed the run time sort of saw like two hours and 41 minutes. So it’s like, The second longest MCU movie. Um, yeah. Cause I think there’s a lot more going on than what we see. I, I don’t think Nemore’s a villain at all. Like, I, I think he’s, they’re gonna have some conflict, but I think they’re gonna have to fight.

I think some other, I think some sort of puppet in a way. Yeah. Or something’s going on. Cuz I mean, especially for three hours, you know? Oh yeah. Sorry. Nolan Nation Sandwich. . What’s that? I think there’s two people in the running for that, for kind of being the villain of Black Panther too, because I, I agree.

I think Namar is a, um, he’s a McGuffin. Like Namar is absolutely classically the, an anti-hero, right? But he’s not a downright villain. Mm-hmm. , um, I’m thinking Aum, you know, which we’ve seen already in trailers might be kind of the evil they re they united against, but my money’s more on Dr. Doom. Dude, that would be an amazing, Who wants somebody?

Pulling the strings. It’s, Come on. You need Victor Vdo. Yeah, absolutely. I feel like it would be more of a tumor though. Tuma is in Alanine along with Naor. Yeah. And he A but I also feel like that would be the best reveal ever for Disney, for just them to just pull in Dr. Doom. Right. You have the new actors playing Dr.

Doom Premier in Black Panther too, and then have the an end credit scene or something revealing the cast of the Fantastic Floor. Like that would be so smart. Cause we talked about that. When do they reveal it now that they passed D 23 and now that they passed ComicCon? Yeah. You know that’s a really good point.

I think that’s the way to do it. You know how many people will lose their, you know, what if they saw that like on screen? Like, Yeah. Like I think that’s, that’s the way. And Kevin Figi, if you’re watching or listening, I just gave you an idea, so you’re good. . Um, if you ever wanna come on the show, please, we’re here.

Yeah. We’ll squeeze you in. Squeeze you in, you know, How would they explain doom? Uh, they’ll, they’ll do it, man. They’ve done it before. Like it’ll see it to you. It is a genius. And I did see one tweet today about, um, how Warner Brothers Keep, They said Warner Brothers keep stepping on rakes when it comes to their superhero movies, but somehow Kevin Figge was able to convince Hugh Jackman to come into the , and it’s, Oh man, how are they gonna dead?

Boom, Right? R Oh, they are, It’s getting, Oh, they, they, they’ve said that since the beginning. Yeah. They’ll figure it out. They’ll figure it out. I hope they do. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. They always do. Um, so guys, it’s the end of September. It’s that time of year. Spooky season is upon us. October is upon us. Halloween is upon us.

Now listen, I fun times. Yeah, we love it. Oh, to him, not so much. He’s not really a big horror fan, but, you know, um, I’ll, I’ll watch him. He’ll watch him cuz I make him watch him. Um, I think Kevin’s not a big horror fan either, so. Yeah. Oh no, I, no, he, I despise horror. Horror is my least favorite genre, Especially scream.

Yeah. It’s one of those things. You know, it’s one of those things where you can watch. Yeah, you could, you can, you know, horror is all year round. For some people like me, I love watching a horror. Anyone could watch a horror movie anytime of year, but there’s something special about watching ’em, experiencing horrific things.

Um, not too horrific, right? Like, I’m talking like haunted houses. I’m talking about, you know, pumpkin patches with cool mazes. Um, you know, whatever you like to do during this time of year, you know? Um, Make whatever makes you happy. A lot of people have their traditions, right? A lot of people have their specific movies they watch their specific TV shows, what they like to do around this time of year.

Um, and I just thought it’d be fun for us to kind of talk about our favorite things to do around this time of year, our favorite movies to watch, our favorite TV shows to binge, um, whatever you guys got, you know, to play video games, to play, um, whatever you guys like doing, you know? So we can just go down a, you know, if you guys have anything that comes to mind, just bring something up, Let’s talk about it, kind of talk about what it means to you and, and what you love about it.

And hopefully you guys listening or watching, you know, if you wanna check some of this stuff out, please let us know what you guys think. If you guys are fans, you’re not fans, let us know. Um, we’re always open to talk to you guys. So I wanna open it to you guys. What are some of your favorite, like, horror movies to watch around this time of year?

TV shows, video games, whatever it is. Let us, us know. I’ll start. Oh, go ahead Eli. Yeah. Village. Oh, Resident Evil Village. Yes. Nice house Veto is one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever played in a video game. I really didn’t jump that much, or it’s a whole story. . I am also not much of a horror movie person.

I, I, I’m not a opposed to, I don’t. I like, if, if it’s like, I’m like more of a thriller. I. Um, Gotcha. Or if there’s like something like Shauna, the Dead’s, a lot of fun to me. And like, is Pants Labyrinth considered horror? I don’t know. I’d tell you, I’d say I think it’s it up there. It’s got some elements. I, I think that that’s a masterpiece.

Uh, but for me, I, like, I, I am more like, uh, likely to play a horror game, um, and like easily within the last 10 years. Um, Kevin and I thought that you just kind of started it the last of. Oh my gosh. Speaking of voice, they just dropped the trailer, Trailer man for the series. Woo. Like, I’m so excited. It looks good.

And I haven’t even finished a game and I’m already on board with the show. I’m like, it’s amazing. Those clickings. Are I? Yeah. God dang. Uh, they there, There’s some shots pulled directly from the game. Uh, which is, is really kind of exciting to see. Uh, but I love, and I don’t know how many people have played both of the games and I wanna be careful cause I don’t wanna spoil anything for you.

Uh, I absolutely adore both of the games, uh, and that can be very controversial. I got into fights with students. I failed students because they disagree with me. No, I’m just kidding you failing them. I’m joking. I’m joking. But, um, I to. Is a damn good damn good too. You know, honestly, I’ve been waiting to play the games for a long time, right?

I’ve been waiting to play the first one for a while. I have it for PS three, but I had it for PS three when I had the Xbox 360 or the X three, the Xbox One, and all these other systems that were a little bit, I was waiting for a version that I can play where I didn’t feel like it. Clunky and stuff. Right, Right.

So I finally got the PS four or PS five, was able to play, download the ps4, remaster. Um, but I really am playing it cause I really wanna play two, like two for some reason. Everything I’ve heard about two and the story, and it kind of hits these beats that I. Feel very passionate about, which I feel like they hit in the game itself.

Um, and there’s, there’s certain reasons why I want to check that game out, but that’s definitely at what top my list of, of games to play. How, how far are you right now on the first game? I’m not very far. And this isn’t spoilers. No. Nolan, I know you’re, you’re, you’re gonna be playing. Yeah. Don’t do it. But, um, no, I, I just, we just, uh, picked up, We just met up with Ellie.

Okay. Okay, cool. And we’re going through, I’m with. What’s her name? Uh, I don’t even know. Don’t look at me girl. Yeah, she’s looking The liaison between Yeah. Yeah. I’m with her. And we’re just walking. We’re just trying to get Ellie to the city hall. I would imagine for you guys it’s gonna hit different playing as parents, you know?

Oh, dude. When he said like that opening scene, Oh, Nolan, I, I can’t talk about it. I, dude, I’m getting emotional thinking about it and I’m not even a parent. That opening is. It’s rough, man. Yeah, it’s, I was, I, I had played it again a while back. I started it on the PS three. I had played it, but I didn’t really quite remember how it got from point A to point B.

Right. I remember what happens, but not completely wasn’t until I was playing this remastered versions. This remastered version that I was like, my mind was just like, I was almost in tears. Like, I was just like, Nah, man. And especially being a parent. Wow. Right. Yeah. Um, and then you meet up with a little girl and her name’s Ellie , and I’m like, My daughter’s Ellie.

Yeah. And I’m like, Wow. That’s just, Oh man. It’s, it does hit, it, it hits on a different level. I, I think like when I got to the end of the first one, When Dana was kind of over my shoulder watching me, she can’t play horror games, so she’ll watch me play. And we very much disagreed about the ending. I was just like, Yes, hell yes.

And she was like, Nope, nope. And I was like, Dude, you don’t get it. She’s like, I don’t care. Nope. And I’m like, Yep. Uh, and then even more so on the second game, we both agree with, but I can see how divisive the second game will get. I don’t know how much you. About the second game, but man, people were like, it got toxic.

Like the Yeah, I, yeah. I, I, again, I didn’t get into spoiler territory good, but I got enough of the toxicity to know that I really wanted to play it because of reasons why certain pe certain groups of people were upset. I was like, No, that’s awesome. Like, that’s why, exactly why I wanna play it. Yeah. I think like, not to get into it, but like it’s designed for that they like I feeling, however I felt like also in, when it happens, you’re like, what the.

What the hell? And then like, by the end of it, you’re like, I, I, I can’t wait for you to guys to get through it so we can, I can’t wait talk about it, but just real quick, I kind of wanna go through some of these comments real quick. I, I’ve been really bad. Pablo. What’s up man? Arturo. Hey guys. Anthony Blanco.

Yo’s up my fellow deli meets. Lol. I love that. That’s great. Um, start me to, You can win up a Starving Nation sandwich, leave a comment and we will draw a winner on Friday. Uh, if you guys haven’t yet, please comment and, uh, let us know. And Anthony Blanco, we need to link up on these systems. Nintendo, Xbox, PS five, we can do that, um, for sure.

Um, but yeah, uh, the last of us is amazing so far, so I’m, I’m excited to see where it goes, man. . Yeah. Yeah. I, I just think like what NADA does with storytelling, um, of the last like 10 years, I would say The last of us, last of us two, and then Red Dead too. Like, Oh, Red Dead too. Um, . They also had like that horror DLC for like the first Red Dead.

That was really fun. The zombie, isn’t it? The Undead Nightmare or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. That was so much fun. Um, yeah, so I’d say for video games, like obviously Resident Evil, like village especially was just like super unnerving. Um, even the first Bio shock, The first bio shock has a really, really cool atmosphere.

Really spooky, um, really. Atmosphere. I’m playing, uh, this kind of ties into one of my movie picks, but they, um, there’s the, the Blur Witch game. Mm. Which is actually pretty well done for, It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s properly spooky. Kind of gives you the feeling of the movie and, and kind of brings you into that world in a really cool way.

Yeah. Um, but I, I’m always trying to find good horror games to. Yeah. Um, and then another one, dead space. Uh, I love the, like, especially specifically the first dead space. I, I wasn’t even into hos. I had students that were like, Dude, you have to play it, put on headphones, turn off all the lights. Mm-hmm. . And I remember like five minutes.

I’m like, Nope, nope. I was like, way too freaky for me. Uh, I ed that game though. I love that game. Um, and also I know the creator of, uh, dead spaces coming out with, uh, Calisto. Oh yeah, I heard about the protocol one. Yeah. Yeah, that looks really good too. So it looks very much in that same like vein of dead space.

So really have we picked out our Halloween costumes this year? Party at Anthony’s house. I can show you. Mine’s I have in right there. See, that’s awesome. I just have to say one thing about Halloween costumes. My parents, my, my kids, my children, my family has betrayed me and abandoned me. Um, had finally, I had finally convinced them.

I’m like, Look, guys, there’s four of us. Stranger Things is this huge thing. You guys love Stranger Things. Now we could do Ghostbusters. Finally this year we can do Ghostbusters. There’s four of us. Let’s do Ghostbusters. And they’re like, Yeah, that sounds amazing. Let’s do it. We never promise anything. . Yeah, this kid wants to be anime dude.

And my, my wife and daughter planning, who are they planning on being from like mean girls are planning like some mean girls costume. I’m like, You guys have abandoned me. It’s just me and the dogs now. . Oh man, this is, Oh yeah. Oh, look at that dude. That is awesome. The patches, they’re like, Everything is accurate.

I got, I have to call my daughter in here after the podcast. Cause she needs to see that. Yeah. Well we got like, Dude, I, this was not cheap, but it was worth it. I don’t know. And then we actually just went, I even, I got his rebox. We’ve like, Dana’s been working on the wig. I’m, I’m going all out, man. It’s gonna be so hot.

But that’s awesome. Yeah. No, what do you gonna be for Halloween this year? A tired dad , but I did, I did pick up a Halloween, uh, shirt that just came out on the bodega from super seven. Um, so when it comes, I’ll rock it on a podcast. Um, Jason, uh, calls it the Franken flame. It’s super cool. It’s like Frankenstein with this green fire around him.

And then it’s says Frankenstein and Japanese underneath them. That’s cool. Super cool shirt. So, you know, just something to rock, you know. I imagine, Well, we have a costume for the baby already, uh, from Disney. So it’s a really cool, uh, like skeleton one with little mickey bones and little, Yeah. That’s awesome.

It’s really cool. And then my stepdaughter, my stepdaughter’s going old steampunk with the, um, the plague doctor mask. Oh, that’s cool. Um, that’ll be cool. But you know, for me, Halloween’s funny. So. Uh, probably 10 years ago, maybe 11. Um, I interviewed for Spirit Halloween and they inter they asked me what your favorite, um, horror movie is, and then the application.

I said, I’m not really wild about the genre. I just want a job. Mm-hmm. . Um, I got the job, I worked at Spirit Hall Halloween for seven years. Yeah. Uh, and I absolutely loved it. And you know what I would say for, um, like traditions and whatnot, um, With, you know, Jason and my family over there. Uh, it was always like the, the real spooky stuff.

So the American ol in London, uh, Silver Bullet, um, and, uh, Legend o Bogie Creek, which is a Oh really? About Bigfoot. Um, yeah, that movie’s amazing. But now over here I was in. I was introduced to hocus pocus by my wife and stepdaughter. So you hocus pocus too? Next weekend? This weekend? This weekend, Yeah.

Friday, Yeah. Comes out Friday. We’re gonna actually be watching it Friday night, man. Um, and then of course Disney’s zombies, you know, watch all those with them. Yeah. Um, I watch, I’m not gonna watch one. You know, it’s not bad. I, I it’s not bad. Still find the way to sync that song in there too, so you’re good.

Yeah. You go in there, you just have kinda watch ’em and then, um, of course like video games, everything that Kristin said, but I would add resident equal two in there. To me, that is one of the scariest games ever. And then being an action figure collector, I just wanna throw out, um, I know, I think Jason showed off some of these before.

So the Universal Monsters, Teenage Ninja Turtles is Oh, the April. You got it. Those are amazing. Yeah, so it’s the April one’s probably my least favorite, but it’s still, it’s neca. It’s amazing, man. And um, you got all the turtles on there on that side, boom. All dressed up a universal monsters. That’s so cool.

That’s definitely a way for, you know, that I celebr. Halloween. And, um, one more is Jada Toys actually did a whole line of Universal Monster six inch figures this year. Mm-hmm. , and if you haven’t checked them out, they’re actually super cool. This is the first time they’ve done like actual action figures.

So I, um, I did a review on the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I’d recommend checking it out. It’s super cool. Um, but yeah, right now Hoku Focus too is probably the big focus for Halloween for us. Um, and then hitting downtown Disney and just checking out the whole Disney vibe, you know? So that’s what the costume is for.

We got tickets for, um, Hokie Boogie. So Disney does Oh, the, The Bash? Yeah. At DCA they do Boogie like, I think three times a week or something. We actually got tickets for Halloween. Um, for Halloween night. So, um, we’re going all out. Um, it’s pretty fun. Like I’m, I’m gonna be Eddie. Um, Dana is a Soca. If you guys follow, I don’t know if anybody follows Dana, but you guys should anyway.

Uh, but she, um, has posted like from time to time she’s gonna do a Soca like her. Costume is absolutely legit. Like That’s awesome. I would like to see that. Oh, cool. Yeah, you, So she’s doing Rosaro. Dawson’s as Soca, but I think she also wants to go back and do season seven as, so. Um, like from like that last, those last four episodes.

Ah, But yeah, man, she like, she did like the whole thing and it looks super legit. So, um, so I got a, a idea then why don’t we, cuz you know, we do a, our podcast every two weeks. So as we grow closer to Halloween, when we do the one right before Halloween, why doesn’t everybody, if you can, Come into your costume, and, um, and, and let’s see what everybody, you know, what everybody looks like and whatnot.

And I’ll rock my Franken fire shirt just for you guys. Um, but I think that’d be cool. And then of course, if you’re, if you’re watching right now and you’re commenting when you do your Halloween costume tag with discrimination, hashtag with discrimination in there, let us see your costume and maybe we’ll share screens and show your costume lab on the air.

Please. That would be so much fun, guys. I love that idea. Costume contest. Constant contest. Heck yeah. Anthony says he is going as Hitachi and my son is Naruto. Nao. Naruto. Sorry. I’m with Nolan. Resident Evil three is his fave. Um, that’s from Pablo. Uh, did you guys see the Stranger Things, Ninja Turtles Crossover figures?

I saw them, but I passed on them. I’m not the biggest Playmates fan. Yeah, I. All them, they playmates. I don’t, Yeah. Not to be mean. Um, do it. It’s kind of cool, but I feel like Ninja Turtles, they’ve done crossovers with the Karate Kid. Oh yeah. And now Stranger Things, they’re doing crossovers with everything, you know, it was a cool idea, but the first thing I thought when I saw it, I was like, this is like the most, like reaching catch one of the most reaching cash grabs I’ve ever seen.

Yeah. And it’s cool, right? Like it’s, it’s a cool idea. But I was like, what does that, I mean, I could see Cobra, Kai and Ninja Turtles, right? Like yeah. Sense, But do but do it. You know? Yeah. Like if, like if it neca, like if NECA did cowork high turtle figures, we would only find them. You. Exactly. They’re gonna announce, Oh, Ninja Turtles, X Game of Thrones in it.

Right, Exactly. It’s like a two pack. I saw the Ninja Turtle Street fighters coming out. Yeah. And that kind, See, that kinda makes sense too though, right? Yeah. And like he’s doing. And street fighter figures are kind of hard to come by. They’re not like normal in stores. Like, you got storm collectables, you got bandaid doing it, you gotta, Then you have Jada Toys doing it this year.

That’s true, that’s true. I remember we posted about those, so that’s really cool. Um, yeah, somebody put Playmates. Playmates are all right. Yeah. They’re Heather. Yeah, they’re, they’re all right. I agree. I mean, their last Rodin figure coming out still looks okay. You know, the Neco one looks eons better. , it’s still okay.

I, I might still get the Playmates one because I grew up off of Playmates, you know? Yeah. We, we all figures we had, you know, but they, they gotta put a little quality into it, you know? Um, yeah, man, this is turns out conversation. No, I bought, I bought one of their recent ones. I think it was like a Leo and like Rock Steady or bbo or somebody, the two pack.

It was like maybe from last year. Um, I didn’t even get bebop out of the box. I took Leo out and I’m like, Because I mean, I got all the Nicko once and I’m like, Cool with my nicko once. Mm-hmm. . Uh, yo they had the Street fighter turtles in stock today at Target. Pick them up now. I’m gonna return them. Thanks.

Don’t return those. Return. No. The street fighter Turtles ones are cool, man. Yeah, those were cool. I those out. Yeah, I would, I would buy just for the street fighter. I’d get those ones. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, if you had them back, send him one of our way. If you. Well, there you go. Yeah, we go. But right here, you know, and hey, I’m local.

So speaking of figures, I wanna talk about these since it’s Halloween time. We got these, um, how old are we? I’m, I’ve showed these before, but these two, these tuning terrors are just what? The flex, Why did you say that? Yeah. I have so many. I know. I know. . It’s not a flex. He’s about flex right here. Yeah. Yeah.

But see, he doesn’t show them all off. Oh, I can, I have problem. Not so, but is he for that? Um, those are so cool. Like this Ash one is cool. Oh, I love this one. The Sam. The Sam is really cool. So one I wanted pick up was the, the beetle juice figure. I always wanted to pick up like that. Oh yeah, we got the, I got the beetle juice and the um, I got a few more too.

I haven’t collected ’em all yet, but I’m working on it. Right. Um, the jaws is really cool. What’s that? The jaws. Yeah. Oh yeah. The Jaws one is amazing. I had to take this one out of box because it was bothering me that it was in a box and you only see it from the side, and it didn’t make any sense to have to see it nice from the side.

Um, that’s cool. It’s so well done though, man. I love that. It’s, Yeah, it’s just like this, you know, it’s a Saturday morning cartoon version that space, you know, which I love. Like Scooby do. The gang are gonna come after ghost. Yeah. Right. And I think it’s a, they should do a cro. That would be an amazing crossover.

Um, and, you know, Scream is one of my all time favorite franchises. You know, in case you all didn’t know, um, Love Scream. I love the first one, especially, I recently just got it on 4K and man, it hit so much differently like that. I don’t know if you guys, What’s that? It just hits different in 4k. Well, it really does.

It really does. 4K is like a whole new like ball game, right? It’s like I never experienced it till I watched this on 4k. It was really my first 4K that I actually experienced in its full, oh, 4K glory with the PS five, so, right. We have a 4K tv. We just never really, um, got to, you know, it didn’t have a player.

Um, we got the PS five. I decided to buy a couple 4k s cuz I wanted to test out the capabilities of the TV and PlayStation five. And we watched Scream and that was like our first like movie ever in 4k. And it’s so crazy how much stuff like. You notice all these things, but like, until you watch it again with like this crisp picture, like you notice so much more in the background, like so much more stuff happening.

It’s insane. Um, so that was a really cool experience. That’s one of my, uh, that’s one of my favorite Halloween movies in general. And I love fall time. You know, I love Halloween. I love the fall. I love the, the weather, especially the weather in fall. It’s so amazing and, um, you know, like I said, Scream is one of my favorite horror movies to watch, especially around this time of year.

The whole, the, all five of ’em now. Uh, five. Yeah, I like Par five a lot. Um, but The Blur Witch Project is one of my other favorite movies to watch around this time of year. You can’t go wrong with that. Still one of my favorite theatrical experiences ever. I watched. And a little theater called the Neptune up in Seattle.

Um, back when it was still kind of this little tiny MO 99 right. Came out in 99. Um, it was really, really cool experience. Scared the crap outta me, scared the crap out of everyone there. It’s just an amazing movie still. So, 1999, I don’t even know how this happened. Right. I have to ask my friends about it.

Uh, it was before the movie had come out. It was like, I think months and months before the movie came. Mm-hmm. . . Um, we went over to my friend’s house, shout out to Nina, and uh, she was like, Guys, we have this cassette. She brings out this cassette tape. And she was like, she’s like, It’s about these people camping.

I don’t know. So like, we had no idea what we were about to watch, and it was Blair Witch Project. And we thought like, because of like, you know, we hadn’t heard any like, marketing for it or anything. We just thought this was real. Like somehow she got this like, Like, you know, black like rock party, like food like thing.

So we were freaked out. Freaked out. And then like, I think like a few, like after a few weeks or a few months, like we start seeing like advertisements for the movie. We were like, Oh my God. That’s the thing that we saw. We like, Okay. That’s crazy. Um, So, but then because of that week, we always make those little stick figure things on, like living on each other’s cars and stuff, Dude, growing up.

But yeah, that was a, I still, I’ll never forget that we got that really early. And one of my goals is, uh, you know, I plan to get like a horror sleeve done. So like horror, just a bunch of horror like tattoos add to this supernatural collection here. So, um, I kinda wanna get a small, like the Blur witch logo on my wrist, which I think is gonna be my next, just kind of fun tattoos.

Um, The Hexa. Yeah. From, Yeah, the Assassins Creed Hexa that looks, I don’t know what that’s about. Yeah. And some other things I like to watch around this time of year. Uh, ParaNorman is one of, I think our all time, one of our all time favorite. It’s one of those that you can watch with the family. It’s like, uh, like doing what they do best and it’s freaking, it’s, in my opinion, the my favorite, like a movie.

It’s them at the top of their game. Um, and that and Nightmare Before Christmas are two. They make a great double feature, right? They’re both. Had that really beautiful stop motion, um, and just really, really well done movies, both of them. And I, I personally, listen, I remember before Christmas is an all time classic, but I feel like that and ParaNorman are on the same level.

They’re, they have the same, you know, amount of heart and the same amount of, um, just, uh, you know, ingenuity and everything goes into those kind of movies. Just blows my mind. Like statement. I agree though. Lower. I like Coline a lot too though, right? Yeah. No game. Um, so there have been a couple of horror trails that dropped recently.

One of ’em was Hell Razor, like the tail was dropping on Hulu again. First of all, killing it with the new Predator movie. Uh, now they’re dropping like a really good looking. Hell, I think it looks great. I think, yeah, it looks a lot of fun. I’m not the biggest fan of the first one. Um, neither am I. You know, I like Clive Barker’s, like weird Satanic, like, Yeah.

Oh. Going also back to what Nolan was talking about, like toys back in the day in like the nineties, I don’t know if you guys remember McFarland did a mashed up with Clive Barker, I forget what it was called. Oh, yes. Twisted something, Tormented Souls or something like that. Twisted Souls. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I, I collected the crap out of those.

I loved those. Those were amazing. Yeah. I, I also like their, their twist fairytale ones. They. Yeah, they had like a, a really inappropriate Dorothy , like I have somewhere. Anthony Blanco says, if we get fall weather, lol. Seems like the nineties temp is the average forever. Now. I know. Even up here in Portland, it’s insane.

It needs to go away. Yeah, we need fall weather. It does. Yeah. All the hot weather needs to go to Portland. We want. No, no. Please keep, They’re going down there. Our family Halloween main movie is Coralline or Beetle Juice. Yeah. Those are two amazing. Beetle Juice is, Yeah. It’s focus. Focus for us too.

Halloween movie. Yeah. Focus, Focus is is up there for Oh yeah. My wife, she’s absolutely, Yeah. Focus. Focus is Oh, uh, yes. I think he was coming out with some bankers. Absolutely. Right Heather? They really, really are. We still have to cause one, I haven’t. One movie I haven’t scene ever until this year. So Have you guys seen Young Frankenstein?

Oh yeah. No, Haven’t yet. So I had never seen it and my wife, you know, told me it was this amazing movie. So we watched it last week. It’s really good. It’s the Gene, Gene Wilder one. Is that It’s hilarious, man. It’s, it’s, You’ve never seen it, Christian? No, I have not. I should check it out. I should. Well watch.

Go right now. Right now? Yeah. Right now. All right. Bye guys. . It’s it’s top knock. I’m glad you watched it, Noland. It’s, it’s incredible. It’s so funny, like growing up, that was one of the movies we used to watch a lot around Halloween time. I still love that movie. Um, the other trailer that shot recently, uh, this should be a little close to home for you.

Nolan Spirit. Halloween, the movie. Oh, . I dunno if you guys saw the trailer for that. Oh. That’s funny that you brought that up earlier. I, we actually just came from a spirit Halloween where we’re trying to find some last minute Yeah. Accessories. Um, I love Spirit Halloween, the stories. They’re so good. Yeah.

Yeah. The movie. Did you watch the trailer for the movie Nolan? You did? Okay. That’s, that was my reaction too. I mean, you have, you know, obviously it seems like a day check for Christopher Lloyd and Rachel Lee Cook. Right. It’s like they’re gonna show up for like five, They’re gonna be like in the movie for like five minutes.

Yeah. Yeah, I, um, I mean, we’re power to ’em, man. . Yeah. It, it looks like a, a parody commercial. It doesn’t even look like a real, like, Oh, speaking of parody commercial. , The monsters has hit Netflix as a yesterday. Rob Zombies is the way. Monsters. Yes. Yeah. Did you watch it? I hit Netflix yesterday. I’m gonna watch it.

Like I, I have to watch it. . I didn’t know it hit already. Oh man. But, um, yeah, it came out yesterday or today. Uh, what’s today’s date? Today is the 27th, uh, today. I dropped today. Okay. Um, uh, Anthony Blanco says, I’ve never seen the original. Exorcist Same. Same. Okay. You guys need to remedy that quickly. I dunno if I can handle it though.

I dunno. If I can handle it, it’ll look, um, it’s, it’s uh, I mean it’s, I was born and raised super Catholic, so it always, Yeah. So that’s the terrifying thing, right? Yeah, I was the same way. And, and let me tell you something about the. Um, so that movie Terrifying. Somehow I got, so somehow that movie Exorcist and Child’s play were two movies that I saw far too young, like Exorcist and Jaws.

Jaws, believe it or not, like Jaws. My parents took me and my sister to the drive in to see Jaws, which is all horror movie. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s a horror movie. Um, and apparently my grandma likes to tell these stories about how me and my sister would not get off the blanket at the beach after we saw God

So my parents apparently had a, had a knack for torturing us. So somehow I saw The Exorcist somehow must went to Dr. I don’t know, it was a re-release or something. Um, scared the crap outta me as a kid. Like Regan is probably one of the scariest things ever. I watched it again. A few years ago. Uh, it’s not, it’s it’s still very, very unnerving.

Very, very scary. But it’s dated, right? It’s like the seventies. You can tell like some of the stuff you’re just kind of like, eh, it’s kind of laughable. Um, but I mean, it’s, no, it’s still super effective. Do not, I repeat, do not read the book. Do not, Is it? Is it scarier? Like the book, Okay, I, I handle horror no matter what.

Right Book. So one day I have the book and I picked up a paperback copy of the book. I don’t think it’s in here. Check. See if it’s over there. I picked up on an old paperback copy of the book cause I wanted to read the book. Finally, I was like, I’ve seen the movie. I have to read the book. I cannot, I was having these nightmares after, like halfway through the book.

Like my mind was going in these weird places I could not sleep. I had to like, literally like, you know, the joke, people joke about like putting the book in the freezer like, uh, those episode of Friends where Joey puts the shining in the freezer. Um, and, uh, That’s what I wanted to do with this book because it was terrifying.

Here it is right here. Here’s an old copy of the, Look at that creepy face on the cover. Um, look at that man. Yeah, Like read it like it’s a, it’s a man. Um, but this book, I, I got maybe this far into it before I was like, I cannot, I cannot, I can’t do it. I still can’t finish reading it past. Um, so the, the creepiest book I’ve ever read, it’s, it’s, I don’t think it’s horror.

Technically, it was less than zero. Um, Oh dude, I haven’t read the book. I’ve seen the movie. Of course. I haven’t seen, I, I refused to watch the movie after reading that book. Oh, really? Yeah. I never read the book. So I used to work at, I was really young, I was still in college and I was working at an elementary school.

I was like crossing guard and I was sitting there like reading it and like multiple parents walked by their lane. Chris, they’re like, What do you, Oh my God, you’re reading that. They’re like, Have you seen the movie? And I’m like, There’s a movie. They’re like, Robert, Jenny Jr. You used to see it. Yep. I’m like, Nope.

I finished reading it on Easter at my aunt’s house and it was like, I’ve kind of stopped reading for a long time after it. It was like, That is great. But like you also mentioned something that you watched too young, right? Mm-hmm. , like do you guys like Nolan and everybody in the chat Eli too? Like what is the thing that you Probably, I was too young for.

So he’s, he’s 15. You could probably answer this. What do you think that I, We’ve watched that You can say, I probably shouldn’t have watched that dad , and you could be honest, like horror specifically, or I could say a couple. I could say a couple horror movies, but I don’t remember the names. All I remember is either Halloween or Friday the 13.

Oh, that’s alright. I mean, I, I did watch those kind of young, like, not young, young, but like at least 10. Well, you guys are like very well they have me as a dad. Okay. I’m sorry. You know, one time I remember I was talking to my daughter, right? This was years ago and we were talking about somehow the, the, the topic of Jeffrey Dahmer came up in the car and like she was talking about Jeffrey Daher.

I was. How, how do you know about Jeffrey Daher? She’s like, You’re my dad, . I was like, Oh, okay. Sorry. Like, yeah, that makes, makes sense. That’s excellent. You’re like, Ouch. Yeah. I’m like, Okay, that makes sense. Like, sorry, I talk about that kind of weird stuff. Um, but um, yeah. What about you guys? What were, Yeah, No one.

What about you? What’s your, Uh, I was too young. Movie. I don’t think I have one. I was raised off of, rated our movies and whatnot, man. So like, uh, we watched, you know, Predator too. We watched the gold movies, we watch the scary movies. Um, we heard scarier stories from our grandmother than the, you know, movies we would watch.

So, um, nothing really scared us. You know, I, I’ll tell you one thing that looks freaky right now. Is, um, the trailer for Pray for the Devil, uh, which Oh yeah. If you guys have seen that looks insane. And being a, like a super Catholic guy right here. I’m watching that. Like, dang. Like that’s insane. It’s like, it’s, it’s funny.

Um, I just real quick, Heather says, Jasmine had me shook for years. Yeah. Like, that movie is still, It’s terrifying. It, it, that shark, uh, we, that’s a whole other episode. So it’s the Universal studios. It’s still terrifying. Oh yeah. Like mm-hmm. . Oh, we should have an episode where we talk about if is Jaws a horror movie and his diehard a Christmas movie, we can just throw ’em both together and see.

I wouldn’t say yes cause the answer is yes. No. Yes. Diehard is not a Christmas movie. We will, we will discuss this when comes later to Christmas. Um, that is Anthony Blanco says, Oh my God. Stop. You’re freaking me out. And Anthony also said, Goosebumps is my max. Um, oh, just speaking of goosebumps real quick.

There are, um, if you guys have not seen Fear Street on Netflix, there’s three Fear Street movies on Netflix. They’re each, uh, what was it, 1994, Um, 1978 and 1666. If you guys have not watched those, go watch them. They’re based off of a book series by RL Stein, kind of a more adult oriented, or, you know, a little bit older.

Teen. Um, but the, these, the Fair Street books are written by R Stein, kind of one level up from Goosebumps. Um, but they made very good and they made three movies based off three of the books, and they all connect together. It’s a trilogy. Each movie is like an hour and a half to two hours. Uh, but they take place in the retrospective years and they kind of all, like, they all come together at the end.

It’s really cool. A really cool series or it, and it goes down the timeline. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s not a series, It’s a three movies. Definitely check ’em out. They’re on Netflix or streaming now? Netflix. Okay. I’m gonna, Yeah, it’s got Mya Hawk, Uh, Sadie Sink from, you know, Stranger Things, both of them from Stranger Things.

Yeah. Um, it’s got, um, Uh, it, it’s got this, uh, amazing cast of, of, of people. Uh, Heather says she liked Fair Street a lot. Like, Yeah, like, it was amazing. It’s an amazing trilogy. Um, and the books are great too, if you haven’t read the books. So, I mean, there’s a million of the books, just like there are goosebumps, you know?

Um, but definitely check out these movies and, and I think they’re good for like, kind of older teens to adults, you know, Like you’re not gonna show ’em to your, Well, my daughter’s watched them all, and. 11. But normal parents, you know, you know, but they’re, they’re fun. There’s, it is just really gory and bloody.

Nothing really like crazy. Not a lot of cursing, not a lot of, uh, sexual stuff, just. You know, good old fashioned horror. When I, when I was a kid You left out, Oh, go ahead. Oh, go ahead. No, I was just gonna say, when I was a kid, my parents were like very adamant about like, the things they didn’t allow me to watch was like the sexual stuff, right?

Like, if there was nuity, then it was a no go. But if it was violence, go ahead. Oh yeah, same. Same. Yeah. So like my inappropriate movie, 1987, I was four years old and I was obsessed with it. Robocop. It was in a horror movie. Oh yeah. I mean, but wildly inappropriate for a four or five year old to be watching the next year.

I asked Santa for like an ED 2 0 9. A toy. And I think we’ve talked about this, like the fact that they had toys and action figure for a very rated r movie for little kids. So, great. Eighties, man. It’s the eighties. Really weird. Oh, that’s, that’s true. Um, so I was looking on Netflix right now cause I was trying to find monsters.

Um, but I, I came across two movies that we didn’t bring up for Halloween. And I’m really shocked at Kevin for one of them. But I’m really shocked at myself for one of them. I. How do we not bring up Morbius

I mean, I mean Milo and everything. How do we not bring it up? You know, Morbius, everyone Morbius is on Netflix. Go watch it. Here’s okay, here’s the thing. Lemme talk about this really, but better met him too. What is that? Oh, Jesus. Huy Halloween. Even know what that is? One of the worst . It’s Kevin’s favorite movie I absolutely despise Huy Halloween.

Except for the mom I love was that, was his mom right? With the sweaters? Like his mom’s sweaters were class. Um, but I thought you liked, uh, Adam Seller’s accent. The best you told me he was. He was like masterclass of. God. So I watched Mor for you guys for this stream. I watched Morus. I spent two hours of my fucking time watching that movie.

So the least the thing I can ask you, please watch House of Dragon for me. Like just wish I could, wish I could watch something good. How Max out? You wouldn’t let me watch that. . I don’t know what you watch when I’m not here. , I’m your dad. I’ve too, sorry. I mean, I watch things. I get close, but not that like I would just, House of Dragon is just some of the.

Juiciness Writing. Writing. I’ll check it out. I’ll take it out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ll check it out. Feel, I think it would be okay. It’s not too, too bad. You’re 15. Like, I don’t know. I don’t know. I d Listen. Listen. It’s your callon. We lived here. We, we live in a time and a household where my wife would just watch Game of Thrones, just out in the big tv and like the kids would just be wandering and euphoria.

Heather, thank you. Oh, you know, like it’s just, It. Ha They, you know, the kids get uncomfortable. They can leave . You know, I, I can leave, I go in my room and watch my own shit. Yeah. Just, I, I feel like Ace B should pay me, but I know how it ended, right? I know how Season eight was so bad. See, let’s be honest, Season six, season seven, season eight were really bad.

And I was really hesitant walking into the House of the Dragon, but, My God, if they haven’t had like, the base aha battle, they had a, an IP that was so beloved was completely tanked, like completely tanked to the point where like, I buried this shirt, like I stopped wearing like, I think in a lot of fans did that and like, what House of Dragon has done.

I can’t, like, like each episode is just like, I, I haven’t even, like I would even. . I would, cuz I would say my favorite this year has been Stranger Things or Sandman. Mm-hmm. is those peacemaker this year? I don’t even know. Yeah. Peacemaker was the beginning of this year. Damn. This is, this is a good year.

It’s been, it’s been a crazy year. And the, the new season of Harley Quinn is up now too. Oh, I heard. Yeah. The house of the dragon man. I just, Matt Smith. Oh my God. Like Milo. Details of the drags, the depth of each character in storyline. Thank you, Heather. Yeah. Like it’s, they do a good job. There’s such well realized characters, dude, it’s such like a, it’s, it’s this fragile eggshell that at any moment can just fall apart.

It’s like the best way I can describe it. That’s it. That’s it. Oh, absolutely. Um, so yeah, check out House of the Dragon. Check out. You know, check out Fear Street, check out bla witch project, check out ParaNorman, check out all of this stuff. You guys will love it. You guys will enjoy it. Um, and, and join us when we do our costume contests, our costume party.

That’ll be fun. Like, we’re gonna do that. We’ll get that set up and uh, and, uh, that’ll be out. So, uh, yeah. Do you guys have anything else you guys wanted to talk about? You guys wanted to bring up? Can I say something real fast? It isn’t necessarily a specific game, but rather a ga a mode in the game. Uh, OC Hunt in battle front too.

Walk . Wow, that sounds, sounds horrific. Oh no, you are the hunting. Oh, that sounds fun then. That sounds interesting. Online through the e walk. Then you are doing the hunting and just, uh, go read this book. This, this podcast has now been cursed. Sorry guys. You guys have to, Kevin, are you gonna read? Huh? Finish it.

You gonna finish it? You know, eventually I will , I think full all nighter, man. Yeah, I will. I’m gonna try to burn it, but with my luck, it’s just gonna show up the next day. Right on my bookshelf. Trying to mm-hmm. , find a cozy place I wouldn’t try at gasoline and enough stuff to burn it. I will do it for you.

No. Anyways, um, thank you guys for checking out the show today. Um, it was a lot of fun. Thank you guys for joining me, man. Nolan Christian, that was a lot of fun. Um, you guys can check us out. Um, make sure to follow, you know, ation, uh, for the latest in movie news, uh, reviews, things like that. Everything we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Pinterest, um, MySpace, LinkedIn? No, I don’t know. I don’t think we’re on LinkedIn, but I don’t know. We have a MySpace, but you can follow us. There’s portions of us on LinkedIn. . Yeah. Yeah, if you can check us out, you can follow all of us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all that fun stuff. Um, make sure to check us out.

So, yeah, so unless there’s anything else you guys got, I think that’ll be it for the night. Right. That’s fun. Thank you very much. Cool, everybody have a good night. Thanks guys. Yeah, have a good night guys. Thank you for joining us and see you next time. Bye guys.

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