Pastrami Video Game Review: Ryse- Son of Rome

Pastrami Video Game Review: Ryse- Son of Rome


By Jason R. Smith- Pastrami Nation

Developer: Crytek

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Platform: X-Box One

(Victorville, CA)—When Microsoft released their next gen system, the X-Box One, late in 2013, they released games that could show off the power of their new system. One of those games was Ryse-Son of Rome. A game that captured our attention since it was first announced, how did the next gen hack and slash measure up?

Ryse-Son of Rome puts you right in the action as a roman soldier named Marius Titus. Marius is fueled for battle against barbaric hordes after witnessing the murder of his family. His journey leads him on a blood soaked path for revenge that is riddled with betrayal and even divine intervention.

Gameplay: I found the game play to be extremely smooth and satisfying. There is a lot of fast paced fighting with multiple enemies that requires some quick button mashing that is pretty seamless. You will get excited the first time you unleash an arm separating combo on your enemy! There is also a multiplayer mode where you and a friend can take on challenges online in the great arena against the barbarian horde. This gives the game a bit more longevity once you have finished the campaign.

Graphics: By far the best graphics I have seen on Xbox One! The cinematic clips in between chapters are insanely good looking. Game gameplay graphics are excellent as well. If it only gets better from here we are in for a wild ride with next gen graphics.

The Bad: Yes there is one aspect of the game I think fell flat that isn’t very serious but I think it needs to be noted. The plot is reminiscent of the 2000 film “Gladiator”.  Now Gladiator was an excellent movie but I feel like they could have been a bit more original with the script here. I will not go into details just to preserve the experience if you have not played it yet.

Overall I would give Ryse-Son of Rome an 8 out of 10. Worth playing for sure!

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