Persona 4: Official Design Works is In Stores Now!!!


Persona fans, get ready!

Udon Entertainment, who have produced breathtaking books on Street Fighter, Mega Man, Okami and more, are now bringing something for all Persona 4 fans. Persona 4: The Official Design Works hit stores this past week, and was also available at the PAX Convention, where Udon was exhibiting.

Having owned quite a few of Udon’s art books, I am very excited for this release. Udon knocks it out of the park every time, and Persona looks to be much of the same greatness. Check out the info below, which is directly from Udon’s website, as well as some preview pages. Check out Udon’s site for many more pages so you can get a better sense of what to expect.

Persona 4: Official Design Works
Featuring the art of ShigenoriSoejima
Go behind the scenes of the hit game that inspired the anime, manga, movies,
and the brand new Persona 4: Arena and Persona 4: Golden video games!
In stores and at PAX Booth #3828 this week

From UDON Entertainment

TORONTO—Persona 4 is one of the most critically acclaimed Japanese role-playing games of all time! The game has inspired anime, manga, drama CDs, and more, with a live-action movie in production now, a PlayStation Vita remake titled Persona 4: Golden scheduled for this November, and the recently-released spin-off brawler Persona 4: Arena already taking the fighting game world by storm! Now, with UDON Entertainment’s release this week of Persona 4: Official Design Works, fans will be able to go behind the scenes of the game that started it all, with hundreds of beautiful illustrations by character designer ShigenoriSoejima!

Persona 4: Official Design Works is packed with hundreds of illustrations, sketches, character designs, landscape paintings, and even more from fan-favorite designer and artist ShigenoriSoejima, the game’s art director and character designer. Soejima goes in-depth on nearly every illustration, with extensive comments on every major character and revealing insight into background and secondary characters, the creation process, and the game’s setting. The beautiful illustrations and in-depth creator commentary are capped off with a massive, 9,000-word interview with Soejima, detailing the entire game’s creation from start to finish!

Persona 4: Official Design Works describes itself as “the full Soejima experience,” and any fan will be delighted with the wealth of material in this collection! Persona 4: Official Design Works follows UDON’s two previous successful art book releases featuring the work of Soejima, ShigenoriSoejima Artworks in December 2011, and Persona 3: Official Design Works in June 2012, both of which were met with rave reviews from fans in North America and around the world!

With Persona 4 and its related media reaching new heights of popularity every day, the timing of Persona 4: Official Design Works’ release could not be better! The Persona 4: Arena video game is already available, the Persona 4 anime is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in September, and the remake of the original game that’s already a bestseller in Japan, Persona 4: Golden, is being released in the U.S. this November! There are thousands of fans eager to snap up this gorgeous new book that details the game that started it all… don’t miss out!

Persona 4: Official Design Works Key Features:

A wealth of amazing illustrations by the acclaimed ShigenoriSoejima, including commentary throughout!
A 9,000-word interview with Soejima, covering the entire design process for the game! Fascinating for game designers, inspiring for budding artists.
A gorgeous, oversized English edition of the Japanese art book, fully translated and printed in a larger format than the original, to match UDON’s standard art book size!
Persona 4 is often cited as one of the greatest Japanese RPGs of all time!
Part of a multimedia wave of Persona 4 releases, including video games, anime, statues, and toys!
Persona 4: Official Design Works

In stores August 29th, 2012
Available at PAX 2012, UDON Booth #3828

Price (U.S.): $39.99
ISBN: 1-926778-45-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-926778-45-7
Diamond: FEB121165
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 192, Color
Size: 8.25” wide X 11.75” long


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