Polar Trailer Online Now, Hits Netflix This January

Polar Trailer Online Now, Hits Netflix This January

By Nolan P. Smith

Ready for a bloody, cold time? Then I can’t think of a better film than the upcoming Polar, hitting Netflix this month!

Based on the amazing Dark Horse Comics book by Victor Santos, the film is about the world’s top assassin, The Black Kaiser, going into retirement. But nothing is that easy, am I right? When he gets marked for death by his previous employer, we see if the old war horse can take down a squad of younger, faster killers, or if they are about to meet a very gruesome end by one of the best. Starring Mads Mikkelsen, Polar comes to Netflix January 25th!

Watch the trailer here, and tell me this doesn’t look like the next great action cult hit flick. I can’t wait to stream this one!!!

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