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Premium DNA Toys Announces Toycon NJ Battletoads Zitz NES Color Exclusive

Premium DNA Toys Announces Toycon NJ Battletoads Zitz NES Color Exclusive

By Staff Reports

Toy Con NJ is beyond excited to announce a killer partnership between Veteri Productions, ToyConNJ, and Premium DNA Toys! Together, they’ve cooked up something super special: the ToyConNJ Exclusive Edition of the Battletoads Zitz character!

If you’re a fan of the Battletoads video game, you’re gonna flip for this bad boy. This action figure is fully articulated and rocks an exclusive paint deco made just for ToyConNJ. But wait, there’s more! The packaging is totally rad, taking inspiration from those old-school Nintendo cartridge boxes. Picture a sleek black outer sleeve with the ToyConNJ logo. Slide that sucker off, and bam! Behold the Battletoads box. Pop open the flap, and boom! There’s Zitz, ready to rumble, complete with a bunch of interchangeable hands.

Here’s the scoop: they’re only bringing a super limited number of the ToyConNJ Exclusive Edition of Battletoads Zitz to our event in Parsippany, NJ on June 10-11. And guess what? They’re selling ’em at a special discounted price of just 40 bucks per figure, but only while supplies last at the show. Once these babies hit the online scene and beyond, the price goes up to 50 smackers. So, if you wanna score this wicked deal, make sure to grab yours early at the June ToyConNJ event!

Oh, and before you go, don’t forget to check out the mind-blowing photos of the ToyConNJ exclusive Battletoads Zitz action figure and packaging. Trust us, these gems are brought to you exclusively by the awesome folks at Veteri Productions! Follow Toy Con NJ and Premium DNA Toys on social media for more info!

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